Wellness Consultation with Tayyaba Jordan


Third month into 2018, I am already contemplating how the year is going and if I have made any of the improvements I had set myself in January. I don’t really do resolutions but I do set intentions. It’s hard to live in conscious harmony and balance so I think we could all do with a little help sometime.

I was kindly offered the opportunity to meet up with TAYYABA JORDAN Health & Wellness Coach for a wellness consultation. I was very interested to meet with a wellness coach but I had no real concern. I just knew, I could always improve my approach to life, my sense of purpose and improve a bit more my journey through self-love. We probably can all do with little advice, guidance, plan and positive support. So I was ready to meet up with Tayyaba.

Tayyaba is a lovely lady, very easy to talk too. I got comfortable right away and enjoyed talking together. I felt heard. It’s a pretty good feeling actually, you can talk about yourself, no judgment and you get some feedback… The consultation took about one hour. The initial process is to go through the twelve segments on the 'Circle of Life’, which cover all the areas of our world. It’s fantastic exercise that get you talking, that get you into seeing your life as a whole and where you need to give more time and attention. It definitely can be eye opening. My wheel was quite balanced but still I had some points that seemed to need my focus and attention. And that’s how we can start some improvement.

Here’s the process you would go through with Tayyaba in order to redirect, improve your self and find that ever coveted ‘balance’ in your life.


* Initial 30 minute - 1hour consultation
Working with the twelve segments on the 'Circle of Life’.
The Integrative Nutrition Circle of Life is an incredibly simple – and powerful – tool for getting a clear picture of where your life is thriving, and what areas could use a little more work.

* 90 minute Health History
A more conventional form but vital to addressing the medical challenges you may be facing. Tayyaba works with a nutritionist to find an improved 'way of eating' for yourself (and often the whole family too!). She will see if there are any other health challenges which can’t be met with food alone and with natural bio 'supplements' with the guidance of a functional medicine doctor and or herbalist.

* 3 x 55mins sessions/month
Working through the things that are lowest scoring on the wheel or your more focused concerns.

Tayyaba's website offers a tips, recipes and inspirational ideas to get you started.  Read more.

Tayyaba's website offers a tips, recipes and inspirational ideas to get you started. Read more.

What’s important to understand is that solutions are all individual. There is a similar pattern to achieve success. It’s about looking into the primary food i.e.: (healthy relationships, regular physical activity, fulfilling career and a spiritual practice) which essentially feeds the soul. Sometimes a lack of it makes some people turn to food as a way to fill the hole in the secondary food. As the Institute for Integrative Nutrition teaches, “When primary food is balanced and satiated, your life feeds you, making what you actually eat secondary.” This is where the distinction between primary and secondary foods arises. Essentially you need both to feel great!

Tayyaba believe that "no matter how much kale you eat or how many spin classes you take, you won’t be truly happy and healthy until you find fulfillment in your relationships, physical activity, career and spirituality, whatever that means for you."

Tayyaba can help you with weight issues, emotional eating, anxiety, stress, depression, low self esteem, a difficult relationship, a career dilemma, a loss of identity or even a debilitating illness or condition. Setting up a plan and taking on practical suggestions with a weekly timetable is proving to be helpful.

Tayyaba is based in the UK, but travel to Dubai monthly to meet up with her clients. If you are interested in a complimentary consultation that can be done in person, over the phone or on Skype you can contact her via https://wellnesswithme.co.uk. A good way to kick start positive change, discuss wellness goals and current health and lifestyle status for you and the the family as a whole!