Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dubai Kid Play Gym: We Rock the Spectrum

This is one of my daughter Josefin favourite indoor playground. This small but well equipped play gym in the heart of Jumeirah. It is the perfect stop to keep the kids busy and active for one hour or two when Dubai temperature will rise up and confine us to the AC. 
Good from age 2 to 8 years old.

Here's some of the equipment and activities:
Suspended equipment with swings – for balance and vestibular treatment
Crash mats and crash pillows – for fun, motor planning, and strength
Zip line – for stress release and joint and body relaxation
Trampoline – for building leg and core strength
Indoor play structure – for climbing and increasing playground skills 
A selection of toys and dress up costumes
A small arts and craft corner
Beach Park Plaza Centre, Beach Road, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Flipping fun at Flip Out! The little Ninja class.

What's flipping'? Well Luella has been taking a class at Dubai largest trampoline park, Flip Out, and she loves it! If you are looking for an after school activity and a way to get the kids to release some energy, you might be interest in Little Ninja class.

Luella has been doing gymnastic for a couple of years, it's been fun but she was loosing interest. She had in mind to learn to do tricks like flips! Even back flips! That's scares me and she has no idea how to go about it. That's how we got interested in this FlipOut and their Little Ninja class.

The class is all about having fun doing jumps, twists, flips but it's definitely a work out for little ninjas! The coaches are so friendly and professional they pass on tips and techniques to achieve personnel goals. Making the class rewarding each time. Saying that, I am not sure Luella will manage to do back flips, it's definitely not an easy skill! But she's having a great time while working on balance, coordination and agility. Some tricks include flip and bounce of the walls as well. At their own pace, the kids will develop new skills and reach new achievements. There is a coloured belt system like in martial art, to motivate and acknowledge their achievement.

The Little Ninja program
AED850 for 10 classes. 
Age 4 to 12 years old.
All the details here.

While Luella is being a Ninja in the making, Josefin and I usually hangout in the foam pit or the kids trampoline arena together on a special date - (she does sneak into the Little Ninja class sometimes  to checkout her sister). We get some one and one time and she gets ready for a good night sleep! Bonus!