Sunday, January 21, 2018

Maxi Micro scooter or a less expensive price tag option: introducing the Zycom Crusiser...


Here’s another post on scooters…. Yep! First time I actually brought up the subject because we have been fan and loyal customers to award winner, Swiss brand du jour, Micro, for years. Until this holiday season when our Little Jo needed a scooter replacement and I thought do I really want to spend AED775 on a scooter?! And I looked at cheaper alternative with all the safety and quality features I would expect from a Micro.

Good to know in choosing the right scooter…
- Make sure, the hight is appropriate for your child that’s why adjustable steering column is important. The handlebars should be at the same height as their waist.
- Sturdy frame
- Fast action brake
- Large standing board for comfort and easy specially younger children
- Foldable scooter are great option

Mini Micro and Maxi Micro
Luella is now now on her second generation of Micro and absolutely love it still today. When we purchased her Mini Micro, Micro was the most popular option and said to be the best. I never questioned buying it. Then the Micro Maxi was the perfect transition. I still today think it was one of the best buy we did. It’s highly durable and high in quality to ensure outstanding performance for year. Steering is made easy, it’s a lean to steer technology a bit like on a skate board, makes for a more fun and easy scooter ride. Children steer by using their body weight to lean right and left, intuitively learning to lean into a turn. Both of our girls picked up the technique quickly and learn stability, balance and coordination.Another great point about the Micro was the ability to be replaced parts. Making it an ever lasting scooter. We replaced the rubber handles once, but that was it. Most friends replaced their break pad once. The Micro scooters are relatively light, easy to carry! When you have kids and loads to carry around, you must take that in consideration. The Micro Mini Kickboard has been the highest rated scooter for years. It’s expensive but no doubt if used as much as my daughter did (even passed it on to her little sister) it’s a good value present.

Mini Micro about AED 471.45 Recommended Age: For 3+
Maxi Micro about AED 775.95 Recommended Age: For 5+ years and above

Zycom - Zinger 3 wheel Cruiser
That’s the newbie, the scooter we decided to get Josefin for Christmas. The Australian brand has developed a scooter we felt comfortable investing in after years of loyalty to Micro. It’s only been 3 weeks… so can’t really tell you about life time quality but I have high expectation. (Will update you in a few months).

The Zycom Zinger, is a 3 wheels cruiser with similar features as the Micro. We love the pivot steering, and self-righting technology that is patented providing good balance, enabling smooth turns and fun “surfing” aka riding. It has adjustable handle bar means you can adjust it as your child grows (3 positions). It’s also foldable thanks to an easy pull and twist folding mechanism. Great for easy storage and transport. It rolls well, good smooth wheels and has a quick break for efficient stoping. I truly happy with the scooter, it feels sturdy and of quality. A downside would be the weight, I find it a bit heavy not as light and manageable to carry as the Micro. Just a feeling. Now for the price, it’s better positioned then the Micro and would consider it a good value.

Zycom Zing 3 Wheel Scooter AED 313.95 Recommended Age: For 3+
Zycom - Zinger 3 Wheel Cruiser AED 418.95 Recommended Age: For 5+ years

So yes we have been total fan of Micro for years, we have three in France at the grandparents for the girls and the cousins to share, and two here in Dubai. I admit, it was firstly our choice because of it's popularity back in 2011. It was the hit scooter to get, then high quality and performance grabbed our attention and our loyalty. So why looking into another option? Because Micro Scooter are expensive, the price tag is going up and as a consumer I felt I needed to look around and see different options. The market is full of different scooters... The zycom is the new addition to our family of scooter, it's well priced and up to now, it has not disappointed! I would definitely recommend it. 

Both scooter brands are available at where you will find all the description, features and dimensions.

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