Monday, November 20, 2017

What I got on this month!

Hello lovelies. Just sharing some of my last picks, I ordered from this month. Some everyday basics for the girls, some little treats and somethings to get into the holiday spirit!

Brush Baby Kidzsoni, electric toothbrush
My girls have a very different attitude about brushing teeth. Luella is 8 years old and spend over 5 minutes brushing meticulously - (I have to tell her to quit it). While I have to run after Josefin and beg her to let me brush her teeth. 

Baby Kidzsonic Toothbrush has improve the pre-bedtime routine and Josefin is now much more interest in brushing! After about 3 weeks, the novelty has not phased out. So just for that I would recommend the electric toothbrush! It's  specially designed to help young children care for their teeth and help teach good oral care habits from an early age. The bristles and vibrations seemed to reach well in between and provide a good clean. There is a 2 minutes disco light timer, keep the kids on track! There is two age groups from +3 and for +6. I ordered both! Girls love it! check it out here!

Advent Calendar
 Tradition every year in our house is to have one (or more in our case) advent calendar! It's a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. This year instead of little chocolate gifts, I am trying the Lego and Playmobil version. It's cute and pretty sure they will like it!

Simply Kids 
Little fun treats for the bath. Girls love that yucky stuff, specially the slime version. The crackle one was less successful but glitter jelly was also a hit. Happy and easy way to get the girls excited! Get the bath play time extended, perfect for some afternoons we just don't see the end off! :)

Tangle Teezer - Blow Styling Half Paddle Purple
I like the brand, I have bought a couple of original Tangle Teezer brushes and thought they were good for the girls long hair. I picked up this one Half Paddle Tangle Teezer as new version. It did not work great with the girls. It says to "gliding effortlessly through to remove excess moisture for a quicker, easier blow dry." It's actually not a brush for detangling hair like I was expecting, it's the kind of brush you use after you sorted your hair, ready for blow-dry. So I am keeping it for myself and will stick to the original tangle teezer for Luella and Jo for now.

Pabobo - Portable Nightlight
The nightlight Nomade from Pabobo is adorable. It's very popular night light brand in France, I was happy to find it here. It's easy to use no batteries and no wires. It recharges placing it directly in the wall socket and last up to 70h. This version comes in a cute little teddy bear pocket. There is a sensor which will adjust the brightness depending on the environment. It's a cute gift idea for AED199.

Now with the festive season coming up, Mumzworld is bringing back its Santa Delivery service this December. Santa will deliver the gifts right to your door! Simply do your festive shopping as normal at, tick the Santa delivery option at checkout and Santa will arrive on your doorstep, gifts in hand; putting a smile on your little one’s faces! The Mumzworld FREE Santa Delivery service is available from 1st December. For full details here!

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Happy shopping!

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