Sunday, November 26, 2017

Looking for Advent Calendar fillers ? Here's my little list of treats

Pick up two cute advent calendar box sets from Ikea. 

One of my favourite Christmas tradition is the advent calendar. There is a lot of options available around in the shops and online, from felt calendar with 24 small pockets, paper envelopes, little boxes, to free printable... and DIY ideas from Pinterest.

When time comes to fill up the little "containers" here's my list of ideas. About 20 little notes of things to do together. The five remaining days will be for sweets, because chocolate is happiness!

My 20 Advent Calendar fillers 

1. Mini Xmas decoration

2. Hair accessories for the holidays

3. Stickers

4. Let’s watch a Xmas movie with popcorn and candy

5. Wrap a gift and let’s take to a charity

6. Make hot chocolate with marshmallows

7. Write your letter to Santa

8. Decorate gingerbread man cookies

9. Make a gingerbread house

10. Let’s go choose a special ornament for the tree

11. Let’s go ice skating

12. Let’s go pick a new Xmas book from the book store

13. Let’s decorate a mini tree for your bedroom

14. Today we do the BIG tree

15. Look under the couch (for gift that don’t fit into the advent calendar pocket) box of artificial snow

16. Write Xmas cards to friends and family

17. Let’s go to the cinema and watch a holiday movie.

18. Look under your bed (for gift that don’t fit into the advent calendar pocket) : new PJ

19. Look in your drawer (for gift that don’t fit into the advent calendar pocket) : new Xmas socks

20. Let’s do a special prayer for the children of the world

Happy countdown to Christmas! xx

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