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Kickstart your day with a morning routine!

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I truly believe in the benefit of a positive morning routine. I have talked about it before on the blog : Miracle Morning: 6 minutes to change your life , have you read it? Do you apply a certain routine to start your day with good vibes and positive energy? If you are not a morning person, it seems difficult to set up your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier, but with little effort and disciple it can become your "your sanity time", "me time" and something to look forward to.

If you decide to kick start your day the best possible way try to set aside time and space for yourself to follow a routine that works for you. Here's my current morning "ritual" during the week. It really helps me set my mood for the entire day. Annoyances and irritations don’t get to me as much, I feel more grounded. Well most of the time, it's still a work in progress...

Lemon water
I drink a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning before eating anything. I have a cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon and 2 ginger slices. I think it’s an excellent way to get your body going, to help the body wake up, the digestive system to be ready for the coming meals. It supposed to help flush toxins and remind you to keep hydrated all day. I’m convinced that a lot of people looking for anti-aging creams are actually just dehydrated! If I make sure to drink 1.5L of water a day, within a few days the lines on my forehead are much less visible and my skin more supple. 

Stretch /yoga
I apply some very simple moves to feel good, gently wake up and stretch my body. Nothing too time consuming, just enough to get in tune with the body. Side stretch, cow and cat pose, downward dog, low lunge stretch, seated twist and forward bends. That's it! Similar to this routine : eatingbirdfood.com/10-minute-morning-yoga-routine

Currently learning to sit still, cross-legged on my mat for 3 minutes. I am using the app "HeadSpace" to guide me into easy meditation. It's perfect for beginner with easy step to follow. Have a look into it, you might love it too. headspace.com : Headspace is meditation made simple. It will teach you the life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness in just a few minutes a day. Worth a try.

Grateful and intentions
I wrap up my 3 minutes of stillness and mindfulness with some grateful words and I set some intentions for my day. It's hard to start the day off wrong if you make a point to remind yourself of things you are grateful for, even the "little things". Then to kick start my productivity and give me the motivation to seize the day, I set myself some intentions and goals to achieve.

Drink liquid collagen
This a beauty routine, that I started before summer. I have been using Gold Collagen , a collagen-enriched formula. It combines a unique powerful blend of anti-oxidants which work from within to reinforce your skin by providing protection against oxidative stress, one of the key factors in ageing.

Recently, I was introduce to multi award winning Skinade. The collagen drink which contains a formulation of active ingredients that aims to boost your body's natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Skinade collagen drinks aim to improve the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days. Skin experts now recognize the importance of working from within, thereby supporting vital functions in the lower layers of the dermis. Look forward to try out Skinade and get back to you on the results.

So that's my little routine, that I try to apply during the week, not necessarily during the weekend but most days. It takes between 10 to 15 minutes, nothing more. If some days, I am running out of time and can't do it all, I don't bit myself up about it.  I just do one or two pointers and get the day going.

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