Monday, July 17, 2017

Living Nature, my new skincare routine this summer ♥

Living Nature. Such a lovely name and philosophy. It's also a certified natural skincare and makeup line of beauty products. Last month, before leaving Dubai for summer holidays, inspired by an article on Organic and Natural cosmetic from Dubai based Good Magazine, I decided to rethink my skincare routine and get a new set of skincare products for the summer.

I was looking into natural products to rejuvenate and pamper my skin without harsh and synthetics ingredients. I also wanted to simplify my routine and travel with minimum products. I came across Living Nature, New Zealand's original, certified natural skincare company, founded in 1987, inspired by the healing properties of New Zealand native plants to remedy her own skin conditions. The story and philosophy was appealing... Geographically isolated for more than 80 million years, New Zealand has developed a natural landscape unlike anywhere else on earth. More than 80% of New Zealand's native plants are indigenous and many have remarkable bioactive properties. Sourced from forests, lands and seas, Living Nature's active ingredients come from the most potent of these unique plants. They're chosen for powerful healing, purifying and nourishing qualities, and combined, they create some of the safest, purest and most effective certified natural skincare in the world.

I am no Beauty Blogger or Beauty Expert but, I truly like what I have purchase - 3 skincare products to cleanse, refresh, hydrate and nourish my face this summer. I feel like I am giving my skin a break from too much of everything and let Nature do her magic. I am convinced these plants work to protect, repair and nourish, without the side effects of harsh or damaging chemicals.

Here's the three skincare products from Living Nature, I am currently using.

Vitalising Cleanser | Normal/Dry Skin
A milky cleanser that gently removes all traces of makeup and impurities without stripping your skin of its protective oils. With moisturising and antimicrobial active Manuka honey and naturally cleansing Kumerahou, your skin is left clean, dewy and soft. Your skin is a living organ; treat it well, and it will return the favour. Suitable for normal to dry skin.

Extra Hydrating Toning Gel | Normal/Dry Skin
It helps to restore your skin's natural pH levels. This gentle gel prevents excess oil production whilst firming, toning, and adding moisture to your skin. Harakeke Flax Gel soothes and hydrates, while Manuka honey nourishes, and helps maintain skin health. Great for summer month or Dubai weather.

Nourishing Night Cream | Normal/Dry Skin
Rich milky with active Manuka honey, it is a midnight feast for your skin. While you sleep, it restores elastin and collagen levels for firmer, younger-looking skin. It also increases moisture levels, plumping fine lines and leaving your skin soft and dewy. The active Manuka honey enhances the skin's natural renewal and healing process, while native super antioxidant, Totarol, gives the Cream an extra boost of antibacterial protection and fights skin-ageing free radicals.

I am applying Vitalising Cleanser and Extra Hydrating Toning Gel every morning before my BB cream with SPF50 from La Roche Posay. In the evening my skin indulge in extra dose of Nourishing Night Cream.

I like the light consistence of the products and the simple delicate smell. My skin is feeling simply fresh and healthy thanks to some powerful natural ingredients like Manuka Honey and Harakeke Flax Gel. Next time, I might look into the firming serum and elixir night oil as well.

Nature Living is available in UAE on Don't forget to use "DubaiourSandbox10" promo code to get 10% off on all your Mumzworld order.

I am really happy with this little gem. Have a look at Nature Living and let nature be your beauty guardian. Get inspired read their story and mission - here.
Happy Summer.

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