Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fun with Koita Organic Milk and Kris Fade

Did you catch us last Saturday at Carrefour Mall of the Emirates? Or on Instagram Stories? We had a great morning supporting a Dubai family business we truly like - Koita Organic Milk. The morning was a great success thanks to Dubai favourite radio man Kris Fade! We all had fun playing games, talking organic and sharing lots of chocolate milk. It was the biggest organic sampling event in the country, a celebration for the launch of Koita Organic Milk in Carrefour!

That's us with our friends from Seashells on the Palm, the lovely Koita family behind the brand, and Kris Fade with his family entertaining the crowd. Good time!

Koita Organic milk is now available in most supermarkets like Carrefour but also online. Like us, get the best for your family, drink clean milk with no toxic pesticides, no artificial hormones and no antibiotics. Tasty and yummy guarantee!

Eat good, feel good do good!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Surf's up at the Billabong Sunset Beach Day

We had a fun afternoon last weekend with Iconic Australian beach lifestyle brand, Billabong. The event took place at our favourite beach spot for yummy burger SALT. Held on Kite Beach, the two brands who share the same passion for the sun, surf, and sand, came together for an afternoon of maximum chilled out vibes. Girls and I enjoyed pink lemonade and sliders watching the sun going down with happy chilled tunes in the background from cool local bands.

Billabong’s newest Autumn/Winter’16 collections for men’s and women’s was on display along some fun props like Billabong Airstream trailer and giant inflatable GoFloats flamingos and swans - Josefin favourite! Here's a sneak peek of our lovely afternoon. 


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

SaucetteXPowerpuffGirls - love the collection

Luella and I played wannabe fashionista last Saturday, we peeked into the world of Fashion Forward Dubai. On the occasion, we got front row view to Saucette, s*uce’s multibrand concept boutique for kids fashion show. Such a fun event! The collection is a fantastic collaboration with Cartoon Network’s hit series The Powerpuff Girls. The Emmy nominated animated series is about three little girls with super powers who fight evil to save the world. Following the success of the Powerpuff Girls’ collaboration with Moschino, Saucette has been chosen as the first in the region to partner with Cartoon Network.

Saucette creative director, and head buyer Zayan Ghandour, has designed a 22 piece collection for girls aged 4-12, as well as a series of mommy-and me styles. The collection is fun and fresh. A contemporary take on the super heroines, featuring cross stitch embroidery on sheer white organza, cold shoulder details, delicate hems and soft ruffles.

Was great to see some of Dubai lovely super mamas modelling the collection like Nina Ali from @Lipstickmommy, Amira Ashour from @streetstyledubai,  Jumana Al Darkish from @TheHappyBox and many lovely guests enjoying the fun after party. Here's our sneak peek.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tips, tricks and ideas for a last minute Halloween party - let's do it mama!

Last week, I met with the Queen of all things party, the lovely Aisha. Managing director, super mama and party expert behind Party Camel - online party store, specializing in stylish, on-trend party ware. It was great to visit the studio, have a peek at all the beautiful carefully curated products available online. Got so inspired for our next celebration.

With Halloween coming up next weekend, I had to ask Aisha her tips, ideas and parent hacks for easy last minute Halloween celebration. If like me you are not the so crafty mama but wanna impress the kids with a cool Halloween party, here's a few easy and impactful pointers to get the ball rolling! Let's celebrate. 

Are you getting dressed up for Halloween? And your children?
If yes what's your costume this year? And your children?

Yes we love to dress up and get into the groove of Halloween. Over the years we have collected some awesome costumes and have a whole box of things to choose from. Everything ranging from bat wings, masks, glow in the dark skeleton outfits to cute witch and many more. We will probably decide which outfit to go for on the afternoon of Halloween, ready for partying and trick or treating in the neighbourhood.

Are you a DIY kind of mama or let's get the costume from the party shop?
When the kids were younger I would love to craft them little costumes but as I've gotten busier, and they've gotten older and their tastes more sophisticated, I tend to now a days buy online. I usually pick afew cute outfits online well ahead of time and ship in.

Could you recommend an easy last minute "homemade" costume for the little ones?
I think you can keep it very easy with choosing block colours as the main outfit, black and white usually works wonders and then add afew accessories. Like these cat ears and tail, easy peasy and super cute!

Party Camel has loads of gorgeous Halloween decorations, whats your favourite?
What's your must have for cool Halloween set up to impress the kids in no time?

I LOVE our bat balloons, they come in a pack of 3 and super sized, guaranteed to add an instant wow. They are very reasonable priced and come with a beautiful neon orange cord and tube for inflation. You really cannot go wrong with these. I also love our skull paper plates and ghost and cat napkins. As well as the black marble balloons and black striped candy bags. You only need afew key items to host a party at home. 

No time in the kitchen but still looking for some cute and easy treats for the kids, what would you recommend? Here's a yummy ideas halloween marshmallow pops. You can also order form our online shop home made cookies from The Lime Tree Cafe, Dress up your sweets and treats in our Coffin Food Tray or why not have pre-packed treat bags ready for trick or treaters. Another easy one, decorate finger food with our spooky Skeleton Crew Canape Sticks.

Any suggestions to get the kids involved? Some fun crafty options little ones can actually do?
Bake some cupcakes with our cupcake kit. Hang lots of bats from the walls and ceiling. Getting the kids invloved with decorating really gets everyone in the mood. 

What kind of fun activity would you set for kids to get into the Halloween mood?
Trick or treating is the best! And fun pictures with our Photo Booth.

Where will you celebrate Halloween this year?
In our neighbourhood, the whole place comes alive on the 31st of October. People do go all out and decorate their houses and invite friends over for a little pre-party in the afternoon and as soon as it gets dark, all the kids followed by the adults go off trick or treating.

Do you have a favourite family movie for Halloween?
Not yet but this is a great idea! My kids dont do scary too well ;) but maybe time to find something they will enjoy...

Thanks Aisha for your answers!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Halloween Movie Night: Our 15 Favourite Family Movies

One of our family tradition is "Pizza & Movie" on Thursday night. We start around 6pm with the girls and make the most of our family evening at home together. It's tradition we got into over a year ago and it's a great way to start the weekend. We all have our little treats like popcorn and candy or well deserve glass (or two) of wine for mama and papa.

The whole family love pizza!!!! We have tried loads of different pizza delivery. Last week we gave a go to FreedomPizza, a healthier and honest pizza option. Multigrain crust, all natural herb-infused sauce, all-natural cheese, hormone free chicken and organic produce in mind: it's food is designed to be better for you.

When Halloween season comes our Thursday night get little spooky as we like to pick movies with the holiday theme in mind. Great way to scare up some excitement with these kid-friendly Halloween movies. Whether they’re scary, funny, or just a bit nostalgic, these flicks are sure to get you in the spirit this Halloween… Here's some of our favourite with some different age rank, to your discretion as every child is different and only you has a parents will know if its appropriate to your child.

1. Hocus Pocus - age 11 and up
2. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial - age 7 and up
3. The Book of Life - age 7 and up
4. Casper - age 5 and up
5. A Monster in Paris - age 6 and up
6. Beetlejuice - age 12 and up
7. Nightmare Before Christmas - age 7 and up
8. Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie - age 5 and up
9. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - age 4 and up
10. Harry Potter  (the first movie) - age 8 and up
11. The Addams Family - age 13 and up
12. Hotel Transylvania - age 6 and up
13. ParaNorman - age 10 and up
14. Coraline -  age 9 and up
15. Ghostbusters - age 11 and up

To complete your pizza order during Halloween week, add a set of 6 cookies to decorate. AED 45. It's fun and kids will love it. Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NOOK Concept - Love it! Gift ideas sorted!

Great find! Love this cute boutique in our side of town. Located in old school and quirky The Beach Centre on Beach Road, Jumeirah 1- it's a gem!!! Lovely concept store specializing in the retail of home accessories along with children home accessories from around the world. NOOK Concept is a new favourite. Perfect for gift ideas and cool home accessories well priced. Refreshing! Also, a small flower bar with seasonal bloom with a different edge.

NOOK, definitions from " 1/ interior angle formed by two meeting walls. 2/ A corner offering seclusion and serenity. 3/ A special place which nourishes dreams, imagination. " Yes, it's all that wrapped up in cosy and elegant aesthetic. Best find this week!

NOOK Concept
Jumeirah 1, The Beach Center
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
04 265 4666
11:00AM - 9:00PM

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The STOKKE Steps - we love it!

Came home from our summer holidays to find our Stokke® Steps™ Chair waiting for us! We were excited to open up the box and experience the STOKKE Design and functionality. A lovely upgrade from our good old ikea. The Stokke Steps Chair is also from Scandinavian origin and is a total stud, beautifully designed with real functionality in mind from newborn, toddler, pre-schooler to pre-teens.

It's a transformable children’s highchair which grow your child. It’s a stylish design but is worth the hype and the price? Here’s our review and why we love it.

The big picture
A new contenders in the convertible high chair, the Stokke Steps system, which takes you from those early baby bouncer days right through proper table eating. That’s some good usage! It’s a scandivanian design, so you get a stylish, high quality piece who fit nicely in your home decor. I think it’s an upgrade in aesthetics and function from the already famous STOKKE Tripp Trapp.

Packaging & Assembly
Flat packed, the chair arrived with easy instruction to put together. Easy and straightforward, you just need the Allen key provided. I am not an expert and usually struggle with putting things together, this time, it took about 15 minutes and no headache (after a minor dumb moment and some distraction from little Jo).

Design & Aesthetics
My hubby is Swedish with a product design degree, so minimalist wooden design is kinda the look we would go for. Love that the chair is not bulky with loads of plastics elements. It’s a good looking piece of furniture. Modern, easy to clean and fit nicely at the diner table. One another plus note, the Stoke Steps Chair received the most desired and highly ranked international prize for design - The Best of the best Red Dot award in 2015.

Function and usage
The Stokke Steps can be used from new born age if you add the The Bouncer, which I think is a great feature. Josefin is 2 years old, so we went straight to the toddler stage and will probably be using it until about she’s 9 years old, i would guess. The transformable feature makes it great all in one product.

We should be using the high chair with the toddler seat - help of a harness, tray and seat-back. Our Little Jo is feeling like a big girl and actually enjoy the independence of climbing up and down at her own risk. I have seen the toddler pack and it looks comfortable and very much recommended for a toddler. The back is adjustable and you can add padding. I like that there is a tray option or can be used directly to table level.

Even though we should be using the toddler seat, we are already on the ‘grown up seat’ version , where the little one can hop on and off by herself. It has been great because my older daughter Luella who is 7 gets to also use it now and then. They both love it! We are already facing the sharing issue, but ultimately it is Josefin high chair.

The plastic parts are easy to clean, no fuss, no little corner to reach. It wipes down easily. It looks and feel durable, just like STOKKE promise.

Little boos…
The seat will not move up or down.
No harness option when you remove the toddle seat.
Pricy but would say worth the investment if you are looking for quality, design and long life function.

Totally recommend the STOKKE STEPS. The cost will be justified in the long run from new born to pre teen and from child to the next…
STOKKE - Locate your nearest retailer.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Self-Awareness: Enhance Your Child’s Self-Esteem

As a mama of two girls, I often think about the importance of raising our children with a healthy-self esteem, even just the idea of feeling good about themselves. Growing up as preschooler up to my teenager years, I was quite confident and outgoing. My parents always encouraged me, made me feel valued taking pride in my abilities and accomplishments. But as a teenager like most children I got less confidence and more self-critical. I understand that it’s part of growing up and reaching new milestone in life. But today, as a parent, I also realize that we can be pro active and help our children. We can enhance a sense of healthy self-esteem and self-acceptance to prepare them for everyday challenges.

Here's some interesting pointers from Dr. Candice Render, Educational Psychologist at the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology. I believe awareness and knowledge is prevention, so I am happy to share this feature with you.
Cultivating a healthy self-esteem for your child is key to a lifetime of well-being and happiness. Children with high self-esteem value themselves and have a more realistic understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, while children with an unhealthy self-esteem, often have a hard time fitting in and don’t always have control of their emotions.

Research shows that more and more teenagers are suffering from low self-esteem, this is more prevalent in girls than boys. Statistics suggest that up to 70% of girls in Western countries suffer from low self-esteem especially when it comes to their body image. Girls as young as 10 years old are afraid of being over-weight and often compare themselves to their peers. On the other hand, the number one cause of low self-esteem with boys, is obesity.

Reasons for Low Self -Esteem
When parents are not responsive to the needs of their child, he or she can grow up without any attachment to their parents. Therefore, early nurturing is vital and helps set a child up and make him or her feel good about themselves. Moreover, if a parent is suffering from low self-esteem it tends to affect the child; a parent should never speak negatively or talk down about themselves in front of a child as this causes the child to feel that they too need to change something about themselves in order to be happy.

Way to Boost Self -Esteem
Quality time
Spend quality time with your kids. Regardless of their age, do an activity together where you give full attention to them; this will make them feel important and hence improve their self-worth.

Positive Image
Always reflect a positive image of your child. Your opinion of them counts, and they always want to please you. Thus, make sure you are giving them positive reflections.

Give Responsibility
When a child see’s that you trust them to do something, they begin to feel they are an important part of the family. For example, when a teen is helping with the dishes, he/she gets a sense of accomplishment when the job is finished.

Being Part of a Team
Children that are involved in sports or other team activities are less likely to experience low self-esteem because being part of a team gives the child a sense of belonging. It also helps them work together with others towards a common goal. Always encourage your child to express their feelings instead of hiding them. Make sure that your home is a safe zone where a child can say whatever they feel without fear of judgement.

Fabyland: new indoor attraction park for the whole family

NEW INDOOR FUN for kids! The beautiful Dubai season is upon us and we are all ready to hit the beach and the parks but this newly open indoor attraction park will make many children happy, keeping you with many fun options.

We have tried and tested last week, Fabyland in Dubai Festival City. KSA’s largest ‘Family Entertainment Destination Makers’ brings exciting indoor entertainment facility to Dubai and it's a hit! Kids loved it! From 2 years to 8 years old, everyone had a blast. I can imagine teenagers will enjoy it just as much while parents won't mind the thrill of a couple of rides. It's great, Fabyland caters for all age groups, exactly what Dubai families need.

FabyLand offers ‘Futuristic’ fun for all the family with an array of amusement rides, attractions and games to play on with friends and family. Offering the latest technology across 75,000 sq ft, the entertainment centre has 15 major rides, a MyTown area for kids to play and learn and more than 100 game machines.

FabyLand features a variety of attractions for the children which include BOUNCE N SPIN, JUMPING STAR, HAPPY SWING RIDE and a state of the art Climbing walls and family oriented attractions like BUMPER CARS and FAMILY SWING which engages not only children but also brings parents in on the fun-filled action. View here.

Some of the extreme rides include AIR RACER, MINI DISCOVERY, TOP DANCER, SUPER JUMPER and DROP N TWIST TOWER. For the teenagers, an arcade lined up with the latest video games, redemption games and novelty games further enhances the experience. An attraction like XD THEATER also assures everyone plenty of thrilling entertainment. FabyLand will also feature the Dubai exclusive DISCO ride which will whirl and twirl guests to new heights. 

Open daily from 10:00AM - 10:00PM
Located in Festival City mall next to ToysRus