Sunday, September 4, 2016

Little Jo turned 2

Happy Birthday Josefin!
This weekend we celebrated Little Jo turning 2.
We kept the celebration really small and easy because that's just what we needed.
Walked in Josefin bedroom with cake, balloons and presents for breakfast.
And that was our kinda party!

This little family affair took us to more fun later in the morning at 
Mattel Play Town in Citywalk to meet Josefin big buddy Barney.
It was a great family playdate and huge hit with the girls.

That's it! Another birthday has passed.
She's our little angel with an attitude and definitely wear her heart on her sleeve. 
Bring on 'the terrible twos'! We will survive and actually I look forward to it. 
She might test limits and disagree with papa and mama but she's also developing 
more of a desire to please and follow rules. Or is it my wishful thinking?! 
We love you little Jo

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