Monday, July 18, 2016

Postcards from our Summer Holidays

First part of our summer was in South Sweden with family celebrating the traditional Midsommar festivities. Read more about the beautiful festivity in a previous blog post - here.
We enjoyed some lovely walks on the wild beaches and gorgeous forest.
The highlight of our stay was moving into our summer house, a beautiful home in Viken. 
A cosy spot on the beach to start making new memories with friends and family. 
Exciting time!

Second part of our travel took us to Kronberg Germany to visit the cousins. We had a wonderful time visiting Lochmuhleropal zoo park, Opel Zoo and watching the Euro 2016 Football games on TV. We got to celebrate  France against Germany in semi final and got all worked up and dressed up to watch the final, where unfortunately France lost against Portugal. It was all good fun!
Wonderful family memories.

Next South of France!

Happy summer to you all.
Love from Emily, Luella and Josefin

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