Monday, June 6, 2016

Top 10 tips for travelling with kids by Super Granny

Travelling season is upon us and many parents stress over the idea of flying with infant and toddlers at every age and stage - from newborn to preschooler and every phase in between. The internet has many resourceful posts on how to deal with it, from packing list, to activities, to tips and travelling guides. Too much information can get overwhelming, so here's a good recap - top 10 tips!

Today, I had the opportunity to meet with Big On Children’s Super Granny - speaker and parenting coach, Andalene Salvesen. The talk was a reassuring conversation for parents on how to handle children during summer holiday. We discussed some basic principals and parenting technics like using incentive jars, charts, choice of chores, chill time, screen time, using a timer and understanding consequences. Andalene has great answers to parenting concerns and dilemma. 

Dubai our Sandbox asked Andalene to share her TOP TEN TIPS on travelling with children.

1. Be prepared! Gather fresh ideas/activities (read here) from Pinterest and other mothers. Variety of age appropriate activities in zip lock bags/wipes/healthy snacks and water

2. Be strict i.e. be assertive, decide on the rules and consequences

3. Be consistent - stick to the rules while traveling - otherwise they will keep testing the boundaries. Predictability makes them feel safe and secure

4. Be flexible - when things don't work out as planned, be ready with a plan B

5. Be calm - BREATH - regularly!

6. Be present - enjoy each moment, with limited technology to distract you.

7. Be an example - make sure that if they copy your body language, tone of voice and mannerisms, that it would not embarrass you.

8. Be well rested and eat healthy - 80/20 rule applies with treats and junk food otherwise their behaviour (and yours) will be affected. Everybody still needs their sleep - even on holiday

9. Be respectful - to your spouse, your kids, family members and the people you meet

10. Be FUN to be with. Lighten up and laugh ALOT

Good reminder! Now let's enjoy the holidays...

Big On Children’s Super Granny is in town until June 24th giving series of talks and private appointments during this time. As an international parenting coach, speaker and co-author, Andalene Salvesen, is known for achieving great results, thanks to her practical and direct manner when helping parents out.

Read more about Big On Children, Super Granny, Andalene Salvesen here: granny

A list of upcoming talks, dates and locations can be found on her website:

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