Monday, May 30, 2016

Top Chef Cooking Studio - things we LOVE

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to experience TOP CHEF Cooking Studio, and it was such a great afternoon! On the occasion of French Mother's Day, Luella and I took part in a cooking class with the lovely Chef Christina and three other families. We had a fantastic time and would recommend you to check out Top Chef.

The cooking studio is located on Jumeirah Beach Road, opposite Mercato in a stylish villa, well decorated with warm and friendly interior. Nadir Benaissa founder of the studio has a wonderful eye for details and home decor. It's bright, happy, inviting from the dining room to the kitchens.

After a quick introductions to the other mamas and children, we met Christina, our Chef for the afternoon. We loved her food knowledge, inspiring energy and little tips in the kitchen. We discussed the menu, put on our aprons, washed our hands and began the fun... Children got engaged quickly, showing interest in the ingredients and the cooking techniques. It was wonderful to watch. Mums had the option to stay and help or enjoy a coffee and chat in the dining room. We all decided to stay and contribute, making the afternoon a bonding experience.

What did the kids prepare? A delicious diner for their "mamans" on this special day, served beautifully in the dining room.

Peach Ice Tea 
Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
Jasmine rice
Banana Chocolate Cake.

Eating all together, talking about food, travel and sharing stories. I love how food get people together. It's an opening to many new experiences and friendship. It's also very important for children to understand food quality & techniques, health benefits, culture and social power.

If you are looking to get into cooking or develop some new kitchen skills, you should try Top Chef Cooking Studio. The team is passionate about gourmet food, quality ingredients and seemed to genuinely love to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the good stuff. They offer a nice range of tailor-made adult classes like " Culinary Art", "Vegetarian Cuisine", "An escape to Thailand", "Mexican Class". On top of that, birthday parties, corporate event and private diner are all fantastic options from Top Chef.

Just for kids...
"Mini Chef" and "Budding Chef" classes, where the kids will prepare and enjoy their diner together. Great opportunity to make new friends, learn and get creative!

Birthday Parties are tailored for children aged 7-12 and for groups of 10 to 20. One hour of fun in the kitchen, baking a large birthday cake and mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies, learning about the ingredients, preparing seasonal fruits to blend their smoothie and even making their own candy floss or mini-pizzas! In a lovely set up... Sounds perfect to me!

Kids Camp running from Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 1pm, these half day classes will cover basic cooking skills under the guidance of Top Chef’s professional team such as how to use age-appropriate kitchen equipment through to ensuring your kitchen’s always clean. Aside from cooking, there will be some fun activities so they’ll be able to work off that energy with an extra 1h activity that will be different everyday. More details soon to be announced. 

Thank you Top Chef Cooking Studio, for your hospitality! We loved your convivial space, friendly team, beautiful and well equipped facilities and delicious food. See you again soon!

More booking and all the infos visit:
Top Chef Cooking Studio
Villa 196, Jumeirah Beach Road
Jumeira 1

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