Monday, April 18, 2016

3 Dubai favorite "outings" with kids

Spontanous little adventure in the desert
Friday afternoon we packed a few supplies and headed out to our favorite sandbox… It's lovely to see the big red dunes on the way to Hatta but for our quick last minute escape we opted for a close by home desert option. We picked a spot the road toward Bab Al Sham and set camp for some fun in the dunes and a sunset BBQ and marshmallow roasting.

The Old Dubai
With guests in town last week, we spent amorning showing off the beauty of the Creek and its surrounding. The old Dubai is always a great attraction even with children. They will enjoy roaming the little streets of Bastakyia, discovering the spice souk, the heritage village, Dubai museum, sipping on fresh juices from little cafes and of course crossing the Creek on a boat. The abras are always 
the favorite. 

The Dubai Mall Aquarium and Under Water Zoo
This classic Dubai attraction is a life saver during the hot summer months, when you look for some children outings to keep the kids busy and happy. Josefin never seems to get bored of watching fishes, turtles, jellyfishes, crocs… and many of the marine species on display. It can get pricy, AED100 per person. I would definitely consider the membership program - AED250 for the year for myself and free entrance for your little toddler up to 3 years old.

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