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Last week we were invited to a fun party hosted by Virgin Atlantic at The Falcon kids club at the Fairmont Palm. It was a perfect set up for kids to play while mamas where getting the low down on how to make flying with kids fun and stress-free. Is that even possible? Well, Virgin Atlantic is positioning it's self as a family friendly airline who can help along the way...

Thank you Virgin Atlantic for sharing some easy tips on booking flights, health tips and what to pack when travelling with little ones, so you’re never caught short.

Tips from Vigin Atlantic and Apex Medical Clinic
Every traveling parent has been there: pacing the aisle of an airplane, grasping a wailing baby or wiggling toddler, trying to avoid the accusing glares of fellow passengers, but does travel with small children have to be hellish nightmare every time ...


Prepare yourself. While most of your preparations will focus on the kids, the parents need some mental prepping too, and think...  Always good to check with your Doctor if your child is safe to fly (like no hear pain/ infection). If there is a pre-existing condition, ensure you have a supply of medicine for the duration of your trip as finding things last minute in an unfamiliar country may have clinical and financial consequences.And take a copy for prescription just in case.

Prepare the kids. If they’re old enough, talk to your kids beforehand about what to expect and how to behave. You don’t want your toddler terrified and confused by the look, feel and sound of the airplane. Use airplane- themed toys and your imagination, to teach them about airplanes: “There’s the wing, there’s the door, there’s the tail, there’s the pilot.” Make it exciting.

At the airport

Dress your kids in bright colours. It’ll make it easier to keep track of them in a crowded airport terminal. Let them run and stretch while they can. Running laps at the terminal or jumping around right before a flight can ensure a quieter child—or at least a less fidgety one.

Pack Smart

Snacks, They’re essential for kids of any age. Dried fruits and crunchy vegetables are healthy options that won’t get crushed in your baggage. Remember the rules. Even busy parents need to abide by transportation regulations. Consult the Virgin Atlantic website for more details. Medications, baby formula, baby food, expressed breast milk and juice are allowed in reasonable quantities— meaning they can exceed the 3.4 oz. (100ml) rule for other liquids and gels carried on the flight—and you can pack them separately from toiletries and other carry-on items that you’ve packed in your clear, quart-size, zip-top bag.  

It's better to be over- prepared pack extra diaper/ extra outfits, bottles, milk and medicine...

On the plane

Be appreciative. It’s important to be nice to the people around you, befriend one of the Cabin Crew, this can make all the difference.

Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew are happy to help entertain your children or turn up with kid-friendly snacks when you need them most.

Babies and young children do not know how to clear their ears to reduce the pressure during takeoff and landing. Unless your child is asleep, you will need to help them. For older children, gum is a good aid. For babies, nursing, a bottle, or a pacifier will work. In addition to helping with ear pressure, milk also acts as a mild sedative, so feeding your child can set the stage for drifting off to sleep.

Set expectations about what behavior you expect before your child gets into trouble. Acknowledge that it’s really hard to sit still for so long and tell them that you know they can do it and that you will help them when it gets difficult. Remind them about all the fun things you will get to do when you land. 

Keep in mind...
Ensure your children stay well hydrated with water & juices.
If old enough take them for regular little walks along the aisles.
Take a pillow to ensure their necks are supported when sleeping.
Keep that special familiar blanket or toy handy.
Do check at meal times that any specified allergens are not present in your children’s in-flight meals.
Feeding during take off and landing can help to equalize ear pressure and distract your child from painful ear symptoms.
If you have trouble feeding in flight then try a sugar free lollipop.

After landing

It is easiest to wait until the other passengers have de-planed to gather your belongings and children. Despite your best efforts, some of their toys will be scattered on the floor or around the seat, and you won’t want to lose anything.

Always remember

If things get bad, just remember: no matter how terrible, it will end. Then you’ll be at your destination

Tips from Vigin Atlantic on booking/flying 

Booking your flight

The trick to getting the cheapest flight? It’s old school, but just booking as far ahead of time as possible. We release our dates 11 months in advance, so if you know when you’re travelling, get on the phone and book with us as soon as possible.

Also, it’s worthwhile registering with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club – you’ll always be the first to hear about sales offers or bonus miles offers.

In flight tips

Our award-winning inflight entertainment gives kids a superb selection of the latest movies as well as their own dedicated TV channels. On all international routes throughout October we're showing new movies such as Home, Frozen Fever, Inside Out and more! You can also check ahead of time what’s showing on Vera on our website. If your child’s favourite TV or movie isn’t on our system, if you know your child has a favourite programme do load it onto an iPad or DVD player as this can buy you precious quiet time.

Get your children excited about their plane journey and let them pack their own piece of carry-on luggage. Infants are entitled to one piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 6kg.

We know kids tend to generate a lot of rubbish on board so all parents travelling with children are provided with a plastic bag – just ask a member of our crew.

Keep toys hidden and reveal them slowly throughout the flight. Once on board, get one out to entertain your little one and put away before revealing the next new distraction.

Hope it helps on your next journey! Thank you Virgin Atlantic for those easy tips and making our family travel a little bit smoother... See you soon on board!

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