Saturday, October 3, 2015

Family Portrait with The Studio Dubai

Confessions, I love photos and I like to display at home pictures of our family and friends. Professional photo shoots are wonderful, you get lovely results - happy faces in good lighting condition with a bit of help from Photoshop retouching magic. And as a family photo, it is nice as we all get to be in the photo. Great! Well, the truth is I really don't enjoy the process, I am terrible behind the camera and like to get it done as quick as possible.

BUT When the opportunity to experience a photo shoot with The Studio Dubai arise, I did not want to miss the chance to capture some family moments. It was Josefin first indoor studio shoot. I was not sure, how cooperative she would be and how the dynamic with Luella would work. As it turned out, it was more fun than I had anticipated. Our lovely photographer was quick and efficient, but still engaging with the children and perfectly directive with us parents.

In less than 45min we were done, we managed to shoot the three directives that I requested. Family group photo, the girls and I, and Josefin by herself. Using a few props and a bubbles machine to keep the mood up and cheerful, it was enough to keep the process and the result nice and sweet.

The Studio Dubai knows how to capture the moments that matter to you. There is a good communication during the process and after - creating a well rounded experience and outstanding customer service. We did the shoot on Saturday, the next day I had a preview of the photo gallery with a good selection of the best shots. We picked our favourites via email and booked a personal viewing as well to discuss print formats and medium. The Studio Dubai keeps it easy and convenient for its customers.

They cover all your photographic need from Corporate, Events, Family to Wedding. They are a wonderful option for you to capture the moments that are important in your family life through beautiful studio portraits including family portrait photography, pregnancy photography, kids photography, studio kids party photography or any other special event you want to remember in your family life. Milestones should be recorded, and with a little professional help will be sure to enjoy the result and cherish those precious pictures for years to come.

The Studio Dubai is located in Al Quoz, inside the beautiful Courtyard, right next to The Lime Tree Café & just around the corner from Tom & Serg.
Check out for pricing and package deal.

Planning a studio family portrait with a professional photographer, here's some quick tips to make the experience just a little easier...

Communicate with your photographer 
to discuss what you want to achieve during the photoshoot. What kind of shots you are looking for or ask for suggestions if you are not sure.

Plan your outfits 
Whatever makes you and the rest of the family comfortable. Think of what you want to achieve. It's easy to coordinate - simply by wearing the same colour, or clothes in the same colour family. Look into a casual look or more formal wear, something meaningful, something fun, custom t-shirt, hats…

We callled Benetton to the rescue. As a #UnitedColorsOfBenettonBlogger, the girls and I had the chance to pick our outfits from their Autumn, 2015 collection. Great selection of sweet sweaters with sequins and comfy floral dresses for girls and some fun maxi pullovers and comfy pants made of soft fabrics for the mamas. We picked a jeans and navy blue combo with sequins and lace details for the photoshoots. Kept it simple and comfortable.

Choose a good time
Make sure the kiddos are in good mood, so pick your time! Everybody should be rested and well fed.

Be natural and spontaneous
Easier said then done… but actually when you are all together as a family, it's easier to be yourself. A little pinch, a little tickle or a cuddle or might just just be the spark for a great shot. Enjoy the moment!

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