Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Last minute, easy Halloween fix for busy mamas

We embrace the spooky Halloween season! 
 It's fun time for the whole family but it's coming quick and we are not quite ready for the festivities! Here's a few easy hacks and quick links to save the day…

♥ Looking for easy DIY costume ideas for couple? 
We like this Bank Robber idea - 100 more costumes!

Spooky drinks - way to go mama… the kids will love you for this fun idea!

H&M has a selection of Halloween accessories for boys and girls, just enough to spike an outfit! Got myself a cute glittery cat hears headband…

♥ Easiest last minute cookies! With what's in your pantry… from

♥ No time to carve a pumpkin? This easy balloon decor is a great option to get spooky in da house… Dress up a regular balloon with a sharpie marker, you can also had a glow stick… more ideas here!

Party Camel will get you all sorted with Halloween party supplies! A stylish spooky party range from freaky photo-booths, haunting home and table décor to ghoul worth props and games. Boo!

♥ A last minute costume for yourself? Get inspire by The Day of the Dead make up like this Mexican Sugar Skull. All you need is some make up skill (thanks and some big flowers in your hair… spooky glamour guaranty. pinterest image

Happy Halloween! xx

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Creative play and Imaginary dress-up - we love !

Luella had a great time flying and buzzing around the park yesterday wearing fancy wings and mask.Those gorgeous play dress-up accessories are designed by Ducth company Noa Poa Enterprises. I loved seeing her imagination fly with her, it's a wonderful way to experiment with creative play.

The wings have stretchy shoulder straps, so it's easy to put them over a t-shirt. They also have finger tabs, for children to slip them on and spread their wings. The soft fabric flows and provide hours of fun… Super easy.

The fantasy mask are one size fits all masks are bright, colorful, beautifully made that make dress up magical. Well crafted and beautifully designed, the fancy accessories take your child to a world of magic with fairy, butterfly, bird, bat or dragon. What not to like!?

Available at - lovely fresh and fun online shopping option in the UAE.
Mask retail for AED45 and the wings about AED80.
It's really a wonderful gift for children. We loved it!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Yet another market... to visit... Ripe Design Market

We look forward to this new edition of the Ripe market... This time Ripe Market is collaborating with Dubai Design Week to bring a two day local Design Market to D3 on the 30th and 31st October. Bringing the region’s best local SME Businesses comprising of artists, designers, and culinary delights together to showcase their work as part of the Dubai Design Week Program of events.

Set in the new architectural grounds of D3, the Ripe Design Market will take our love of local talent to the new creative design hub and bring the community together to showcase some of the region’s best talent creating a beautiful atmosphere for alfresco eating, a relaxed day with family and friends, or a shopping spree.

There will be entertainment from local artists, activations, pop up shops, and workshops for children all presented by the makers and designers themselves. From local fashion designers, art, jewellery and interior design there will be something for everyone and if shopping isn’t your thing, you can taste your way around the market from the local retailers sampling their treats to the live cooking stations serving food. The sounds of acoustic music will fill the air and provide a relaxed backdrop for your dining and shopping adventures.

The two day event will take place on Friday 30th October and Saturday 31st October 2015 from 9am – 6pm at Dubai Design District. 

Read more about Dubai Design Week and what not to miss: TASHKEEL’S TOP 5 THINGS TO SEE AND DO DURING DUBAI DESIGN WEEK

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fun at Apple Seeds... So we are back for round two :)

Great time this morning with Little Jo at Apple Seeds!
She kept herself very busy at the mini market, playing with balls, going up and down the slide, driving the NYC taxi cab and exploring the bright and happy surrounding. 

Years back, we used to have some fun afternoons with Luella at this well designed indoor playground.  Happy to be back, this time with Little Jo for more fun and play.

It's a great place for toddlers to explore, climb, crawl, roll, play and mamas to hang out.
Check out the membership option, the day pass and all the fun educational classes available.

Good fun guaranteed!

Gold and Diamond Park
building 6, ground floor shop 3
t: +9714 380 6064
hours: su - th: 9-6, sa: 10-4

Monday, October 12, 2015


Last week we were invited to a fun party hosted by Virgin Atlantic at The Falcon kids club at the Fairmont Palm. It was a perfect set up for kids to play while mamas where getting the low down on how to make flying with kids fun and stress-free. Is that even possible? Well, Virgin Atlantic is positioning it's self as a family friendly airline who can help along the way...

Thank you Virgin Atlantic for sharing some easy tips on booking flights, health tips and what to pack when travelling with little ones, so you’re never caught short.

Tips from Vigin Atlantic and Apex Medical Clinic
Every traveling parent has been there: pacing the aisle of an airplane, grasping a wailing baby or wiggling toddler, trying to avoid the accusing glares of fellow passengers, but does travel with small children have to be hellish nightmare every time ...


Prepare yourself. While most of your preparations will focus on the kids, the parents need some mental prepping too, and think...  Always good to check with your Doctor if your child is safe to fly (like no hear pain/ infection). If there is a pre-existing condition, ensure you have a supply of medicine for the duration of your trip as finding things last minute in an unfamiliar country may have clinical and financial consequences.And take a copy for prescription just in case.

Prepare the kids. If they’re old enough, talk to your kids beforehand about what to expect and how to behave. You don’t want your toddler terrified and confused by the look, feel and sound of the airplane. Use airplane- themed toys and your imagination, to teach them about airplanes: “There’s the wing, there’s the door, there’s the tail, there’s the pilot.” Make it exciting.

At the airport

Dress your kids in bright colours. It’ll make it easier to keep track of them in a crowded airport terminal. Let them run and stretch while they can. Running laps at the terminal or jumping around right before a flight can ensure a quieter child—or at least a less fidgety one.

Pack Smart

Snacks, They’re essential for kids of any age. Dried fruits and crunchy vegetables are healthy options that won’t get crushed in your baggage. Remember the rules. Even busy parents need to abide by transportation regulations. Consult the Virgin Atlantic website for more details. Medications, baby formula, baby food, expressed breast milk and juice are allowed in reasonable quantities— meaning they can exceed the 3.4 oz. (100ml) rule for other liquids and gels carried on the flight—and you can pack them separately from toiletries and other carry-on items that you’ve packed in your clear, quart-size, zip-top bag.  

It's better to be over- prepared pack extra diaper/ extra outfits, bottles, milk and medicine...

On the plane

Be appreciative. It’s important to be nice to the people around you, befriend one of the Cabin Crew, this can make all the difference.

Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew are happy to help entertain your children or turn up with kid-friendly snacks when you need them most.

Babies and young children do not know how to clear their ears to reduce the pressure during takeoff and landing. Unless your child is asleep, you will need to help them. For older children, gum is a good aid. For babies, nursing, a bottle, or a pacifier will work. In addition to helping with ear pressure, milk also acts as a mild sedative, so feeding your child can set the stage for drifting off to sleep.

Set expectations about what behavior you expect before your child gets into trouble. Acknowledge that it’s really hard to sit still for so long and tell them that you know they can do it and that you will help them when it gets difficult. Remind them about all the fun things you will get to do when you land. 

Keep in mind...
Ensure your children stay well hydrated with water & juices.
If old enough take them for regular little walks along the aisles.
Take a pillow to ensure their necks are supported when sleeping.
Keep that special familiar blanket or toy handy.
Do check at meal times that any specified allergens are not present in your children’s in-flight meals.
Feeding during take off and landing can help to equalize ear pressure and distract your child from painful ear symptoms.
If you have trouble feeding in flight then try a sugar free lollipop.

After landing

It is easiest to wait until the other passengers have de-planed to gather your belongings and children. Despite your best efforts, some of their toys will be scattered on the floor or around the seat, and you won’t want to lose anything.

Always remember

If things get bad, just remember: no matter how terrible, it will end. Then you’ll be at your destination

Tips from Vigin Atlantic on booking/flying 

Booking your flight

The trick to getting the cheapest flight? It’s old school, but just booking as far ahead of time as possible. We release our dates 11 months in advance, so if you know when you’re travelling, get on the phone and book with us as soon as possible.

Also, it’s worthwhile registering with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club – you’ll always be the first to hear about sales offers or bonus miles offers.

In flight tips

Our award-winning inflight entertainment gives kids a superb selection of the latest movies as well as their own dedicated TV channels. On all international routes throughout October we're showing new movies such as Home, Frozen Fever, Inside Out and more! You can also check ahead of time what’s showing on Vera on our website. If your child’s favourite TV or movie isn’t on our system, if you know your child has a favourite programme do load it onto an iPad or DVD player as this can buy you precious quiet time.

Get your children excited about their plane journey and let them pack their own piece of carry-on luggage. Infants are entitled to one piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 6kg.

We know kids tend to generate a lot of rubbish on board so all parents travelling with children are provided with a plastic bag – just ask a member of our crew.

Keep toys hidden and reveal them slowly throughout the flight. Once on board, get one out to entertain your little one and put away before revealing the next new distraction.

Hope it helps on your next journey! Thank you Virgin Atlantic for those easy tips and making our family travel a little bit smoother... See you soon on board!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mountain Buggy Nano, our new find love...

That's it! We find our stroller... The Mountain Buggy Nano, let me tell you why it's a best buy and why we love it. It's a no fuss, ultra compact, light-weight with the full features of a buggy/stroller. If you are not sold yet, here is the full review...

About the size...
When it arrived, I expected compact but it was even smaller and well packed in it's own travel satchel with exposed handle and shoulder strap. It's about 56x31x51cm when folded and at 6kg I found it easy to carry around.Thinking travelling made easier.... It is accepted as hand luggage with most airline as it fit into many carry on luggage units for planes. But when it’s unfolded the Nano looks like a normal, full size pushchair. It's compact feature does not take away from the comfort of your child.

About comfort...
The Mountain Buggy Nano is good for children up to the age of 4 years old, thanks to a multi-height padded safety harness and padded seat with its adjustable leg rest. The 2 position seat recline with ventilation panel is great for napping on the go. The seat is definitely roomy with plenty of head room for older kids. The sun canopy could be a little more extended but we managed and used our Snoozeshade when really needed. The under storage is great! The basket is easy to access from the from and could carry lots of our bits and pieces.

Design and technicality...
The Nano is intuitive, easy to fold and unfold. It folds forwards and down on top of itself, turning it into a folded-in-half, almost square shape. Mountain Buggy has designed the pushchair to be unfastened with a flick - gravity does most of the hard work. Technically it’s not a one-handed fold because closing it back up requires you to press both buttons on either side of the handle.

It was easy to manoeuvre, with good rear-wheel suspension and an easy push pedal brake with colour definition shows when you're safely parked or ready to go.

You could use the Nano from birth, it has built in adaptors to attach a car seat such as the Maxi Cosi. Another good travelling feature.

The Nano is such a good stroller that it received the Red Dot Design Award! "Throughout the world and across different industries, Red Dot is seen as the award for high design quality. The international Red Dot jury bestows the sought-after seal of quality only to those products that stand out clearly from comparable entries thanks to their excellent design. …"  

What's missing...
Not much really! As I mention the sun canopy could be bigger and there is only one handle bar position (not a problem for me, I am a shorty). 

The Mountain Buggy Nano is a best seller, it's been sold out on due to popular demand. New shipment arriving mid-October! Don't miss out you will love this super light, compact and well design stroller at reasonable price. Available at, AED 1,399.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Caramel & Sun... A sweet spot for children’s design furniture and more

Caramel & Sun, little gem located in Mercato Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road is a unique and inspiring little boutique allowing parents to create their child’s bespoke universe. There is a great selection of contemporary and design children's furniture and hand-picked selection of pretty items from brands like Les Gambettes, Barnabé aime le café, Laurette, Nobodinoz, Mimi Lou, Les Petit Vintage, Ferm Living, Combelle, or Goodnight Light. What you will find is : high quality, creativity, a touch of vintage, a nice sense of humour and a great deal of happiness.

Quote from Olivia Corsi, Co-Founder of Caramel & Sun to set the tone  "Caramel” because it is as sweet as childhood, “Sun” because we live right under it…and what’s prettier than this golden morning sun shining gently through the curtains of the children’s room?”

A positive mind set Caramel & Sun is Dubai new sweet spot for children and their mamas in search of products they dream of to create an emotionally creative environment for the little ones. A universe inviting imagination and dream...

We have asked Olivia about living in Dubai, what inspire her and the beautiful adventure she took on with Caramel & Sun.

About you
Where are you originally from?
I am French. My accent gives it all away I’m afraid… I can’t lie about it! I grew up in Versailles, close to Paris. I am definitely a City girl.

How long have you lived in Dubai?
I moved to Dubai in October 2007. I got married and gave birth to our two little girls since I am here, so Dubai is our family nest… and now home, I guess!

Please tell us about Caramel & Sun and what inspired you to start your business adventure?
Caramel & Sun is both a brand of decoration accessories for Children, and a cute little store in Mercato Mall. We sell what I see as a unique selection of niche European brands specialized in design furniture for children, and a selection of items by talented local designers. I keep searching for objects and pieces of furniture with a twist. I like neo vintage pieces that appeal both to children and their parents. I handpick everything, I have to say I love it.

I used to be a marketing manager for a luxury group and I’m a mum of two little girls. I was lucky to be brought up in a creative environment that developed my passion for design. In 2013, when Stella was born, I realized that I would be unable to recreate for her the same kind of inspiring universe that my mum had created for me as a child that would allow her to develop her personality and creativity. For me, there was a definite lack of trendy, contemporary, creative children’s furniture in Dubai. It is at this point that the idea behind Caramel & Sun started to develop.

Becoming a mum is definitely a life changing experience that can lead to reconsider priorities and reorganize one’s life, and Dubai is an energetic city that allows entrepreneurial dreams! I can’t speak for all mums but that is definitely what happened to me.

A year ago I decided to take the plunge and teamed up with Paul – a longtime friend and daring entrepreneur – and gathered a couple of partners to create Caramel & Sun, – and here we are!

What I really like in our venture is its friendship dimension. It’s a great friend’s project that materializes in Caramel & Sun!

About living in Dubai
Favorite thing to do in Dubai with children?
Stella and Romy are only one year and 2 years ½ old, they are still babies, but I love enjoying what Dubai has to offer and that we don’t have back home: going to the beach most of the time, the kite surfing beach of course and if the weather doesn’t allow it, having a stroll and a nice afternoon snack at Mercato mall. I actually do love community malls.

What's your favorite way to spend the weekend?
My ideal weekend would start with a nice breakfast with my husband and the girls, a family dip in the pool at the Lakes Club and a stroll at The Beach JBR; my husband being half Greek, we love to stop at Eat Greek for a frappe - or a day at Kite surf beach with a cheeky burger at Salt for lunch!

It would also involve friends. I’m very much of a tribe type of person. Friends have become family here and we usually spend part of the weekend as a big family group with our friends and their children. It is also very enjoyable for the girls who learn to share and get more independent whilst playing in a group with their little friends.

A little extra…
Things you can't live without?
Besides my family… Friendship, Sunshine, Pinterest and a good café latte! Oh and my yoga class (which I keep missing!) It is one hour dedicated to relaxing and forgetting about everything. I had to miss the class a couple of times with the launch of Caramel and Sun that kept me pretty busy over the past weeks, but it was a heartbreaker, I love it! And even more the cheese plate after it Reform Grill has on its menu that I am sharing with my friends

Any motherhood tips, advices or words of wisdom on how to juggle it all?
I wouldn’t dare trying to give an advice to anyone. It is all about finding a personal balance, isn’t it? As I believe we all do, I am doing my utmost to give the best of myself to my family and to Caramel and Sun, although obviously, my family remain my first priority. Being a mum and an entrepreneur is fun and very rewarding… most of the time. Sometimes I find it easier to juggle now than when I was working in a Corporate environment as I have more flexibility; some others I find it trickier as I am more passionate and personally involved. At the end of the day, I have a great support from my family and friends, I know I am extremely lucky to love what I do, to do what I love and to have found a balance that makes me and my family happy. I can’t thank my husband and my partners enough.

Do you have a wellness or beauty must?
I guess in Dubai it’s very much about drinking a lot of water and protect your skin from the UV. I am using a tinted cream from the previous company I used to work for…shhhhhhh!!!!

Oh and also, changing perfumes based on the way I am dressed…it’s a real accessory and you feel so much better with!
I also love alternative medicine and I feel tired I never hesitate for acupuncture or a nice acupressure massage!

Do you have a life motto?
Someone I own a lot told me once, make your life a dream and this dream a reality…this is what I am trying 

Some must have and favourites from Olivia, great home decor and gift ideas. We LOVE!    

Caramel & Sun
Shop No. 7, Porto Vecchio Village,
First Floor, Mercato, Dubai
10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
+971(0)50 654 8106



Sunday, October 4, 2015

Take the kids to Dubai Comedy Festival to see Mac King Magician and Comedian

Are you ready for a good laugh? This October the Dubai Comedy Festival, is taking place between 15th and 24th October. Some world’s top comedy heavyweights are descending on the Emirate like International comedy icon, Dave Chappelle and the new host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah will headline a 10-day programme of events, activities, promotions and appearances by local, regional and international comedians, for what is set to be the region’s largest comedy festival.

The Dubai Comedy Festival is also family and kids friendly event with the performance of Mac King Magician and Comedian. With a big howdy, and a warm smile, Mac King has welcomed and captivated audiences as he casts out a fishing line over their heads and catches live goldfish out of mid-air, performs amazing sleights-of-hand, makes his head completely disappear in a paper bag, and renders himself invisible, all while remaining unbelievably funny. Because of his quick wit and extensive audience interaction, no two shows are alike.

If you are not already booking your tickets, keep reading as we got the opportunity to ask the man himself a few questions about his passion and his Dubai performance at the Festival.

1 / How did you get into Magic and Comedy?Both of my grandfathers knew a couple of magic tricks. My mother's father actually had a few books on his bookshelf that taught simple tricks. When I'd visit him he'd do a trick for me and when I asked him how the trick was done, he'd point me toward the books and say that the secret was in one of them. I'd spend the rest of my visit going through those books trying to discover the secret of the trick he'd just fooled me with. And a result I learned a lot of other tricks. After a while I started doing little shows in my grandparents' living room for all their friends. I think many people try out magic as a hobby when they're young, but I found that I loved it and seemed to have a knack for it, so I kept it up. As for the comedy aspect of my show, it's just as important to me as the magic part. I'm really trying to not just be a typical magician. I try to make the magic as funny as possible. And again I go back to my family for the origins of that. Everyone in my family is very funny. Growing up we were always trying to one up each other with our jokes and whenever we're together now it's still like that.

2 / Please, tell us about your show at Dubai Comedy Festival, taking place between 15th and 24th October? Without spoiling the surprise, what can we expect?
I'm really trying to combine mind-blowing magic tricks with side-splitting comedy. The tricks are things you won't have seen other magicians do (there's a real-life "Cloak of Invisibility). Everything is very family friendly. I'm very proud of the fact that kids, teens adults and grandparents all seem to love my show.

3 / Whats your favourite act from your repertoire?I do a trick with a camping tent that is combined with crazy hand-shadows and an amazing giant surprise at the end. The audience always screams!

4/ How do you get inspire and get into new tricks?I have some smart friends who give me ideas or help me refine my ideas into something I can get out on stage. By doing 10 shows a week here in Las Vegas I have an amazing laboratory to experiment with new ideas and tricks. It's really fun for me to get to try out new ideas.

5 / Tell us a bit about your line of products for amateur magicians with like Mac King’s Trunk-O-Tricks™ and Book-O-Magic™. Seems like a lot of funs for the kiddos.

I've always thought magic makes a great hobby for kids and adults. It's a great skill to be able to read something in a book and be able to translate those written words into physical actions. It teaches problem-solving. It teaches you to be comfortable speaking in public. For shy kids it's cool to be able to have secret knowledge that none of your friends know. I like encouraging kids to read. 

For more information, visit, follow dubaicomedyfest on social media and join the conversation using the hashtag #SeriousAboutComedy:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oct 6th: An all day shopping party with So Chic

It's back on! Don't miss the most stylish pop-up concept selling pre-loved designer wear, bags and shoes for women and children at this exclusive private sales! So Chic event is this Tuesday October 6th at Cove Beach.

You don't want to miss the selection of pre-loved designer wear like Chanel, Hermes, Chloe, Balenciaga, Louboutin, Givenchy, Isabel Marant, Celine, Paul & Joe, Vanessa Bruno, Bel Air, Ba&sh, Zadig et Voltaire, Les Petites, Petite Mendigote plus Bonpoint and Bonton for the kids.

So Chic carries the largest selection of fashion treasures from the most stylish wardrobes in the region and the best designer boutiques in Europe. Since all pre-loved items are hardly worn, in excellent state and carefully selected by Emma and Alex based on the latest fashion trends, everything you will find here is just…so chic!

Read more about Emma here: Un petit Café avec So Chic Emma

From 8 am till midnight, the Cove will be the hottest place in the city, accommodating all fashionistas in Dubai. French high end beauty brands like Caudalie, Benefit and Sephora will ensure that all visitors of the So Chic pop-up sale will be pampered in the beauty corner.

During the entire day, Cove Beach has their kitchen open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and their fabulous bar service. In the evening an excellent DJ will through in some tunes to make it the perfect girls night out.

Come down to the Cove, it's gonna be all day party celebrating fashion and beauty! See you there.

Time Out Kids Awards - celebrating family in Dubai

Thank you Time Out Dubai - Kids - Kids for a great evening celebrating 
our beloved family friendly sandbox - Dubai. 

Honored to have been nominated along some very talented mamas in the Parent Blog category. Congratulation, Mum of Boys, Baby Drool and to all the nominees and winner of the TOKawards 2015. Look forward to keep celebrating family life in Dubai via Dubai our Sandbox. 

Family Portrait with The Studio Dubai

Confessions, I love photos and I like to display at home pictures of our family and friends. Professional photo shoots are wonderful, you get lovely results - happy faces in good lighting condition with a bit of help from Photoshop retouching magic. And as a family photo, it is nice as we all get to be in the photo. Great! Well, the truth is I really don't enjoy the process, I am terrible behind the camera and like to get it done as quick as possible.

BUT When the opportunity to experience a photo shoot with The Studio Dubai arise, I did not want to miss the chance to capture some family moments. It was Josefin first indoor studio shoot. I was not sure, how cooperative she would be and how the dynamic with Luella would work. As it turned out, it was more fun than I had anticipated. Our lovely photographer was quick and efficient, but still engaging with the children and perfectly directive with us parents.

In less than 45min we were done, we managed to shoot the three directives that I requested. Family group photo, the girls and I, and Josefin by herself. Using a few props and a bubbles machine to keep the mood up and cheerful, it was enough to keep the process and the result nice and sweet.

The Studio Dubai knows how to capture the moments that matter to you. There is a good communication during the process and after - creating a well rounded experience and outstanding customer service. We did the shoot on Saturday, the next day I had a preview of the photo gallery with a good selection of the best shots. We picked our favourites via email and booked a personal viewing as well to discuss print formats and medium. The Studio Dubai keeps it easy and convenient for its customers.

They cover all your photographic need from Corporate, Events, Family to Wedding. They are a wonderful option for you to capture the moments that are important in your family life through beautiful studio portraits including family portrait photography, pregnancy photography, kids photography, studio kids party photography or any other special event you want to remember in your family life. Milestones should be recorded, and with a little professional help will be sure to enjoy the result and cherish those precious pictures for years to come.

The Studio Dubai is located in Al Quoz, inside the beautiful Courtyard, right next to The Lime Tree Café & just around the corner from Tom & Serg.
Check out for pricing and package deal.

Planning a studio family portrait with a professional photographer, here's some quick tips to make the experience just a little easier...

Communicate with your photographer 
to discuss what you want to achieve during the photoshoot. What kind of shots you are looking for or ask for suggestions if you are not sure.

Plan your outfits 
Whatever makes you and the rest of the family comfortable. Think of what you want to achieve. It's easy to coordinate - simply by wearing the same colour, or clothes in the same colour family. Look into a casual look or more formal wear, something meaningful, something fun, custom t-shirt, hats…

We callled Benetton to the rescue. As a #UnitedColorsOfBenettonBlogger, the girls and I had the chance to pick our outfits from their Autumn, 2015 collection. Great selection of sweet sweaters with sequins and comfy floral dresses for girls and some fun maxi pullovers and comfy pants made of soft fabrics for the mamas. We picked a jeans and navy blue combo with sequins and lace details for the photoshoots. Kept it simple and comfortable.

Choose a good time
Make sure the kiddos are in good mood, so pick your time! Everybody should be rested and well fed.

Be natural and spontaneous
Easier said then done… but actually when you are all together as a family, it's easier to be yourself. A little pinch, a little tickle or a cuddle or might just just be the spark for a great shot. Enjoy the moment!