Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Guest blog post: Call a Truce on Wardrobe Wars

By Mini Exchange

A mother’s job description is never-ending. She wears many hats: parent, teacher, protector, nurse, and even fashion stylist. Children are usually quite happy to let their mom control their wardrobe when they are still quite young. In fact, they probably don’t even give a second thought to what they wear, but what happens when they reach a certain age, usually around seven or eight, sometimes earlier for girls, and start making their own fashion choices and fight for control of their wardrobe?

Children need to establish their own identity, and according to some experts, this is an easy and safe way to do it. Unfortunately, the results of their newly-found independence can make some parents cringe. Suddenly, your child is nagging you to purchase the latest brand of trainers, or pleading for a shirt that has way too much bling. Sometimes, the outfit they want to wear, is just plain ugly in the eyes of the parent.

It is inevitable that one day your child will no longer trust your judgement when it comes to fashion. Anything you think is cute, they roll their eyes at. Avoid a fashion showdown by letting kids be kids. Let them have a bit of freedom in choosing their own clothes, from time to time. It helps to avoid stores and brands that you know will be a problem. Make them a deal that the parent chooses the store, and the child can choose the clothes, and the parent can always veto anything they deem inappropriate. Sometimes, shopping online is helpful because you don’t have to walk past any ‘no-go’ stores and watch your child whine and sulk because that particular store is off limits. Plus, a child might enjoy the novelty of ordering online.

Remember to praise your child when they have chosen well, admire how good they look. Mention how that particular tank top brings out the colour of their eyes, or those jeans look really cool, or those shoes are super-cute. That way, they are more likely to value your opinion, and could possibly ask for your advice on future purchases.

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