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Glimpse into the life and work of Interior Designer Nisrine Lababidi Moghraby

Here's a little glimpse into Harf Noon Design Studio by Nisrine Lababidi Moghraby. Nisrine provides complete interiors & styling solutions, turning your space into a personalised warm & welcoming home. Nisrine shares with us some inspirational thoughts about her work and family life in Dubai.

About you? 

Where are you originally from? 
I'm Lebanese however I was born and raised in the UAE in Abu Dhabi and have been living in the UAE since then.

How long have you lived in Dubai? 
We have been in Dubai since 2002 which makes it 13 years in this beautiful ever-growing city

Tell us about your business and what inspired you to start your business adventure? 
Harf Noon Design Studio started out of the passion for everything design and specifically interiors. It grew from being the Harf Noon Design Blog to an Interiors & Styling studio. A lot of my friends were asking for my opinion on how best to fix their living spaces so they look less like a showroom and more like a house, no matter what the budget was. And like the many residents in Dubai, a lot of them are renting so they look for quick and affordable solutions for their houses.
This is why I took the decision to start my own studio specialised interiors & styling houses so they become personalised warm & welcoming homes that echo their owners without breaking the bank.

Being a mom, wife and entrepreneurs, how do you manage it all? Any words of wisdom?
The ultimate way to handle an entrepreneurial lifestyle with young kids is to get support whenever you can. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I'm blessed to have a wonderful nanny who takes care of the house work and prepares the meals for us. I also make use of technology, whatever I can do online I do - banking, paying bills, ordering grocery, I even browse the shops online before hitting the mall just to make my trips on the road shorter and use that time to get things done at work.

I've also created rules in the house for the kids. When mama is working she's busy and you get free play time. However when mama is not busy its totally 'kids time' with no interruptions, and no phone nearby. Having the kids sleep on schedule is another blessing. They are in bed by 8 and asleep within 15 minutes which means I have the whole evening to either work on projects but weekend evenings are for my hubby where we often either curl up for a movie or catchup with friends over dinner.

I also recommend getting 'me time' at least once a week, I know this sounds crazy for someone who is working a full time job plus having a business plus being a mother & a wife, but this is key for me to recharge, I either go to the gym for an hour, or read a book or even go to the spa (often taking a friend with me) TIP: Anantara the Palm have an amazing girlfriends night every Wednesday where you get a really good deal for several of their services if you take friend with you! This me time allows me to recharge... When your well is empty, you’ve got nothing to give your business and you may become short, impatient and perhaps even resentful, with your spouse and kids. But when you’ve had a few hours to fill the well back up, then you can be even more generous with those you love most.

Finally I travel at least three times a year, once with girlfriends, once with my hubby alone for a quick escape and last with the kids... I'm a visual person so travelling away even for five days gives me just the right amount of disconnection from work to absorb new ideas and come back fresh with energy to put into my creative business.

About living in Dubai? 

What inspire you in/ about Dubai? 
There are new things popping out in the city everyday, but I have to admit that the most inspiring periods are when DIFF festival is on in December and when Art Dubai is on in March.. the whole city becomes vibrant and busy and I catch up with a lot of friends. The other thing is that Dubai is multicultural, you learn something new everyday just by merely speaking to people around you.

Favorite thing to do in Dubai with children? 
Going to The Beach ... nothing beats that!

What's your favorite way to spend the weekend? 
Have my cappuccino in the morning, read a magazine, have a BBQ with friends in our garden, just chilling in the evening..,listening to Jazz...basically unwinding!

Do you have a Dubai beauty secret to share with us? 
Getting your eyebrows done & getting a great facial can do wonders both mentally & physically!

A Dubai store you could spend hours browsing? 
Bloomingdales Home & Ikea.... their collections are continuously updated and I always come out having bought something!

A little extra.. 

Things you can't live without? 
My watch (I'm a very punctual and on time person.. I feel lose without time), exercise (releases my stress!) & I have to admit - my phone!

As an interior design please share some easy and quick home decor tips to update a house? 
The easiest and quickest trick int he book is to paint the walls - it makes such a huge difference with minimal cost, so do a few pillows. Also nothing compliments a space visually more than moving all the senses when you step into a room, so always have a nice burning candle and music... this will guarantee to move all the senses and change the mood of a room immediately. Finally the best interior design is living with people you love :)

Do you read any blog? If so which ones are your favourite? 
I've been following DesignSponge for years now as its varied in content from interiors to DIY's, food & travel...., I also love Garane Dore, Damsel in Dior and Atlantic Pacific... for some reason fashion blogs with their beautiful pictures are truly eye candy for me and often inspire me.

Do you have a life motto? 
As a matter of fact I do... and its always in my signature...
Love generously - praise loudly - live fully! (Elias Portor)

Thank you Nisrine for your warm and inspiring words.
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