Sunday, June 28, 2015

Travelling gear for your (almost) stress free family holiday

School is out and traveling season is on… Looking forward to your summer adventures? Make sure to  pack some practical on functional baby/toddler gear. To help you, we asked Miranda Hilton, CEO and Chief mum of Family Souk Ventures the official distributors for Phil & Teds and Mountain Buggy in the GCC, her must-have for traveling with babies and toddlers this summer. Here's her practical buy for (almost) stress free summer  travel with the little ones.


Phil & Teds Car Seat, If you’re travelling with a baby, travelling to and from the airport with baby safe and comfortable will get you off to a good start. Enter the phil&teds Alpha infant capsule – attachable onto any stroller with a maxi-cosi adaptor fixing, and perfect on a phil&teds stroller, this infant capsule weighs only 3KG so it’s super light, and is a perfect stage 1 car seat from 0-13KG. AED599 available at


Mountain Buggy Nano A truly lightweight, compact folding travel stroller that offers an authentic Mountain Buggy experience. The nano travel stroller provides dual functionality of car seat compatibility to easily transform into a fuss free urban stroller - perfect for today's busy, travelling modern families. ultra compact size - 22" wide with a compact fold. Custom fit travel bag for travel convenience and ultra light at 13 lbs, nano meets the standard weight restriction for carry on planes, trains and automobiles DHS 1399 available at DB Babies, Bumblebee and Check out Kaya from SassyMamaDubai strolling along Dubai airport… read more here!


Phil & Teds Nest Taking a baby to a brand new environment and time zone, and then hoping they’ll sleep soundly in a new cot is a pretty unlikely scenario that can lead to a number of sleepless nights at the beginning of your holiday. The phil&teds Nest is a pop-up, super lightweight baby bed that you can put your infant into a home before they travel to get them used to it, and then take with you on holiday. It unfolds in seconds and can be packed away in it’s own convenient travel bag, which is roomy enough to carry all your baby accessories too. Dhs499 available at

Phil & Teds Traveller! (for toddlers, from 0-3 years, we have the phil&teds Traveller at 3.2KG.This genius product again is super easy to assemble and comes in a very compact bag too – the only travel cot in the world lighter than a baby. AED 899 available a


Phil & Teds Navigator- the world’s first auto stop™ inline™ You don’t think about it when you have your first child but when you closely have your second little one, all of a sudden a stroller for one no longer works! Enter phil&teds who INVENTED the in-line stroller concept – one child in front of the other, to allow you to navigate narrow doorframes with ease. Navigator is the world’s first auto stop™ inline™ set to revolutionise the way parents think about safety & convenience. auto stop™ allows parents hands free moments whether an older child pauses to take in an interesting sight, a mobile phone starts to ring or simply needing to rub a smudge off their glasses. With 26 riding options on a super slim frame, you can take one or two children anywhere with refreshing ease. Navigator - the world’s first auto stop™ inline™ is leading the way in safety & convenience. AED 2700 and AED 3399 for double kit (2 seats) available at Mamas and Papas Dubai Mall

Phil & Teds Airlight Baby Carrier
Travel baby carrier - Unbelievably compact, airlight gives you the freedom to travel light with baby on board. Weighing less than 400g, airlight packs down to the size of a water bottle, perfect for your handbag, car or suitcase - wherever space is at a premium! AED 215 We are currently using the Airlight Baby Carrier for our summer travel. Super light and convenient, it fits in our baby bag for easy hand free on the go emergency. Thumbs up!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Skin perfecting treatments with Rebecca Treston at Euromed clinic

Couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Dubai skincare guru: Rebecca Treston at Euromed Clininc on Beach Road for a review. Exited to chat and get expert advises from Rebecca, who after years of practice has a wealth of knowledge in treating a variety of skin complaints and conditions. As a licensed Medical Aesthetician and Laser Specialist, Rebecca has also attained NVQ Level 3 in Beauty Therapy – an advanced level of Beauty Therapy in the UK and is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Ageing.

During my initial consultation, Rebecca asked me about my expectations and skin concerns. I explain that I was a bit confused with all the different procedures and all the different treatments available. Like most women, I was hoping to improve my skin condition. Looking to achieve a healthy glow, firmer skin, improve skin tone and overhaul get a more youthful look. I also mentioned the sun damage concerned I have obtain over the years. After years of sun exposition, I had develop some small skin pigmentation patches or "sun spots" on my cheekbones and forehead.

Rebecca came up quickly with a plan of actions right in line with my needs. On the same day of the consultation we proceed with the first treatment. Face Lift Massage Therapy or Venus Magic Hands. One of her therapist used electro-fabric gloves, which are nick-named “Magic Hands” due to the unrivalled benefits they boast for improving skin health. The 30 minute massage delivers a microcurrent to the face and neck. The soft massage uses highly-advanced B.E.A.M™ technology to activate facial muscles and increase fibroblast activity by 60 per cent to leave the face looking tighter and fresher. Sure, it was a very enjoyable (despite a slight metallic taste in your mouth) and soft process but it definitely improve my skin, giving me a more de-stress face and diminish fine lines for a more youthful looking face. Not sure if it lasted but I got a nice boost of "feel good" factor.

The following visit was schedule 3 days later after the weekend. Ready to proceed with a less enjoyable treatment this time around, I was a little nervous but very excited to tackle my sun damage thanks to the new laser treatment: Spectra Laser. Rebecca performed the procedure herself, she passed the laser over my entire face, I could feel a light prickling feeling and hear some snapping sounds, nothing to uncomfortable. After Rebecca concentrated on the sun spots we talked about, the ones I wanted to remove and see disappear. This part was a bit more tingling and warm but again nothing painful. The laser works in two way, gently target the melanin and stimulate collagen.

During the treatment, the laser pass penetrates deep into the dermis to stimulate skin cell regeneration and exfoliate the outermost layer of skin. The multiple benefits are shrinking pores, reducing sebum production, stimulating collagen, as well as fracturing the melanin that causes uneven pigmentation. The subsequent new collagen and elastin fibre translates into healthier, firmer, and tighter skin; while the new even skin tone ensures skin looks more youthful!

Right after the laser treatment, her therapist applied a wonderful cooling mask. I walked out with my face slightly pinkish and my "sun spots" where turning already darker and forming fine "scab" looking patches. After about 4 days the small ones where already peeling off and within a week all of them had disappear. Leaving my skin much more smooth and even toned. It's obviously very important to protect your skin well from the sun during and after the "recovering" time. Now over two weeks since the procedure, I am so happy with the result. The laser had tackle imperfections such as pigmentation, aging and uneven skin tone.

Spectra Peel is such a gentle procedure, your Doctor will recommend a treatment course that is right for you. After just one session, I am very pleased with the results, just what I was hoping for!

At the clinic Rebecca and her team are committed to helping you achieve and maintain healthy, younger looking skin by offering you a combination of the latest aesthetic treatments and clinical skin care products available.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Guest blog post: Call a Truce on Wardrobe Wars

By Mini Exchange

A mother’s job description is never-ending. She wears many hats: parent, teacher, protector, nurse, and even fashion stylist. Children are usually quite happy to let their mom control their wardrobe when they are still quite young. In fact, they probably don’t even give a second thought to what they wear, but what happens when they reach a certain age, usually around seven or eight, sometimes earlier for girls, and start making their own fashion choices and fight for control of their wardrobe?

Children need to establish their own identity, and according to some experts, this is an easy and safe way to do it. Unfortunately, the results of their newly-found independence can make some parents cringe. Suddenly, your child is nagging you to purchase the latest brand of trainers, or pleading for a shirt that has way too much bling. Sometimes, the outfit they want to wear, is just plain ugly in the eyes of the parent.

It is inevitable that one day your child will no longer trust your judgement when it comes to fashion. Anything you think is cute, they roll their eyes at. Avoid a fashion showdown by letting kids be kids. Let them have a bit of freedom in choosing their own clothes, from time to time. It helps to avoid stores and brands that you know will be a problem. Make them a deal that the parent chooses the store, and the child can choose the clothes, and the parent can always veto anything they deem inappropriate. Sometimes, shopping online is helpful because you don’t have to walk past any ‘no-go’ stores and watch your child whine and sulk because that particular store is off limits. Plus, a child might enjoy the novelty of ordering online.

Remember to praise your child when they have chosen well, admire how good they look. Mention how that particular tank top brings out the colour of their eyes, or those jeans look really cool, or those shoes are super-cute. That way, they are more likely to value your opinion, and could possibly ask for your advice on future purchases.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer travel season is on, get packing with Beatrix New York

Looking for some packing gear for the little ones this summer? In need of a new trolley on wheels for your toddler or a mini back pack to stuff all the little bits and pieces while on the go. Your children will love the cute characters from Beatrix New York. We do! It's whimsy and cool, the colorful graphic and design focus on simplicity, quality, & fun.

Beatrix New York, offer a wide range of back packs (in 2 sizes), water cans, lunch boxes, trolleys on wheels, iPad cases, and accessories… Great for little "voyageurs" and for back to school seasons! Kids will love the fun products and you will love the quality, durable nylon and easy-to-clean laminated canvas.

Beatrix New York is available at and in store at DubaiBabies and Hamleys.

Beatrix New York is a total hit with the celebrities as well, from Nicole Richie, David & Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, Katie Holmes, Meg Ryan Maggie, Gyllenhaal…

Little Jo "packing" her summer stuff  and Luella enjoying" her afternoon snack with Penelope the octopus. Beatrix New York, you are a hit on our house.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Glimpse into the life and work of Interior Designer Nisrine Lababidi Moghraby

Here's a little glimpse into Harf Noon Design Studio by Nisrine Lababidi Moghraby. Nisrine provides complete interiors & styling solutions, turning your space into a personalised warm & welcoming home. Nisrine shares with us some inspirational thoughts about her work and family life in Dubai.

About you? 

Where are you originally from? 
I'm Lebanese however I was born and raised in the UAE in Abu Dhabi and have been living in the UAE since then.

How long have you lived in Dubai? 
We have been in Dubai since 2002 which makes it 13 years in this beautiful ever-growing city

Tell us about your business and what inspired you to start your business adventure? 
Harf Noon Design Studio started out of the passion for everything design and specifically interiors. It grew from being the Harf Noon Design Blog to an Interiors & Styling studio. A lot of my friends were asking for my opinion on how best to fix their living spaces so they look less like a showroom and more like a house, no matter what the budget was. And like the many residents in Dubai, a lot of them are renting so they look for quick and affordable solutions for their houses.
This is why I took the decision to start my own studio specialised interiors & styling houses so they become personalised warm & welcoming homes that echo their owners without breaking the bank.

Being a mom, wife and entrepreneurs, how do you manage it all? Any words of wisdom?
The ultimate way to handle an entrepreneurial lifestyle with young kids is to get support whenever you can. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I'm blessed to have a wonderful nanny who takes care of the house work and prepares the meals for us. I also make use of technology, whatever I can do online I do - banking, paying bills, ordering grocery, I even browse the shops online before hitting the mall just to make my trips on the road shorter and use that time to get things done at work.

I've also created rules in the house for the kids. When mama is working she's busy and you get free play time. However when mama is not busy its totally 'kids time' with no interruptions, and no phone nearby. Having the kids sleep on schedule is another blessing. They are in bed by 8 and asleep within 15 minutes which means I have the whole evening to either work on projects but weekend evenings are for my hubby where we often either curl up for a movie or catchup with friends over dinner.

I also recommend getting 'me time' at least once a week, I know this sounds crazy for someone who is working a full time job plus having a business plus being a mother & a wife, but this is key for me to recharge, I either go to the gym for an hour, or read a book or even go to the spa (often taking a friend with me) TIP: Anantara the Palm have an amazing girlfriends night every Wednesday where you get a really good deal for several of their services if you take friend with you! This me time allows me to recharge... When your well is empty, you’ve got nothing to give your business and you may become short, impatient and perhaps even resentful, with your spouse and kids. But when you’ve had a few hours to fill the well back up, then you can be even more generous with those you love most.

Finally I travel at least three times a year, once with girlfriends, once with my hubby alone for a quick escape and last with the kids... I'm a visual person so travelling away even for five days gives me just the right amount of disconnection from work to absorb new ideas and come back fresh with energy to put into my creative business.

About living in Dubai? 

What inspire you in/ about Dubai? 
There are new things popping out in the city everyday, but I have to admit that the most inspiring periods are when DIFF festival is on in December and when Art Dubai is on in March.. the whole city becomes vibrant and busy and I catch up with a lot of friends. The other thing is that Dubai is multicultural, you learn something new everyday just by merely speaking to people around you.

Favorite thing to do in Dubai with children? 
Going to The Beach ... nothing beats that!

What's your favorite way to spend the weekend? 
Have my cappuccino in the morning, read a magazine, have a BBQ with friends in our garden, just chilling in the evening..,listening to Jazz...basically unwinding!

Do you have a Dubai beauty secret to share with us? 
Getting your eyebrows done & getting a great facial can do wonders both mentally & physically!

A Dubai store you could spend hours browsing? 
Bloomingdales Home & Ikea.... their collections are continuously updated and I always come out having bought something!

A little extra.. 

Things you can't live without? 
My watch (I'm a very punctual and on time person.. I feel lose without time), exercise (releases my stress!) & I have to admit - my phone!

As an interior design please share some easy and quick home decor tips to update a house? 
The easiest and quickest trick int he book is to paint the walls - it makes such a huge difference with minimal cost, so do a few pillows. Also nothing compliments a space visually more than moving all the senses when you step into a room, so always have a nice burning candle and music... this will guarantee to move all the senses and change the mood of a room immediately. Finally the best interior design is living with people you love :)

Do you read any blog? If so which ones are your favourite? 
I've been following DesignSponge for years now as its varied in content from interiors to DIY's, food & travel...., I also love Garane Dore, Damsel in Dior and Atlantic Pacific... for some reason fashion blogs with their beautiful pictures are truly eye candy for me and often inspire me.

Do you have a life motto? 
As a matter of fact I do... and its always in my signature...
Love generously - praise loudly - live fully! (Elias Portor)

Thank you Nisrine for your warm and inspiring words.
Follow Harf Noon Design Studio on Instagram and Facebook.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The magic of Disney on Ice is in Dubai

Luella was on a date with her pappa last night, to the media premiere of Princesses & Heroes by Disney On Ice. My little mini blogger was out on the town on a school night (oooops, bad parenting or rock n'roll mama ?!?) to check out the magical show and give us a little heads up on what to expect. She was delighted to see so many characters from her favorite Disney movies, from Ariel and Prince Eric, Prince Philip with Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora and the dragon, Jasmine and Aladdin, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Rapunzel and Tiana… For the first time in the UAE the show brought from the North Mountain Anna and Elsa to discover how an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.

As per Luella it was amazing singing and dancing, specially Anna and Elsa, along with Olaf and Kristoff, singing “First Time in Forever,” “Love is an Open Door,” “Let It Go,” and “In Summer”. I can just pictures all the children singing along with their favorite character.

Looks like a real treat for the family. Tickets are on sale at Virgin Megastore. Show is on from today Wednesday June 10th to Sunday June 14th, at Dubai World Trade Center arena. Prices start from AED150 up to AED2000.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Golden Glow from Vita Liberata

Last week I experienced the Vita Liberata spray tan from Pastel Salon. A great pick me up beauty treatment to boost your mood and give you a subtle golden glow. This 80  per cent organic formula is dermatological tested and free from parabens, perfume and alcohol. It looked natural without an orange tone to it, just a nice odorless bronzed glow.

It took about 20 minutes to apply and dry, then I was ready to wear some non fitted dark color clothes. I felt sticky for a few of hours and had to be careful of discoloration. After my first shower 10h later, I was left with a lightly sun kissed shade. There is three different shades available, Hawaii, Ecuador and Brazil. I picked the medium intensity.

 My tan lasted nearly a week and faded gradually with very little patching. It's a great self tan option packed with botanical extracts that make it kind and nourishing to the skin. Love that it's free of nasty chemicals and parabens.

The Vita Liberata professional and retail ranges are currently available in Dubai at the following outlets: Pastels, Nadia Beauty Centre,  The Cure Beauty & Wellness Lounge, Roots, Kalm Spa, Hair Lounge and Dial a Nail.
Spray tan, retail price at Pastel Salon: AED210.

Top tips to take the stress out of travelling with kids from Jenny Haddad, Managing Director of Db Babies

Getting ready to embark soon on your summer vacation? It's time to prepare and get packing in order to survive the journey.

Jenny Haddad, Managing Director of Db Babies and mum of two children (aged 5 and 7) give us her top tips and handy products that provide the perfect solutions to common family travel. From navigating the airport with a little one to feeding your baby mid-flight, embarking on a family holiday can fray the nerves but these handy tips will help take the stress out of travelling with kids.

“Part of the reality of living in Dubai is air travel. There aren’t many destinations by car from here so most of us have to prepare to travel by plane at least once a year. Once you have a baby this becomes a task as daunting as moving house. In fact, it can often look like you are moving home when you travel with your baby for the first time! Thankfully, there are many products now available to help make our life easier on the go.”


From sterilising baby bottles in mid-flight to endless snacks for toddlers, keeping your little ones fed when on the move is a tough job. “My first flight with my daughter when she was three months old was when I first wished I was still breastfeeding,” says Jenny. “I took about seven baby bottles of sterilised water with me for the flight to the UK just in case there were delays, not to mention the endless stacked formula containers. She didn’t even get through half of it."

“Another problem mums are always faced with while on holiday is that not all restaurants and café offer highchairs,” continues Jenny. “A hungry child won’t wait for you to find one, which is why I always pack a portable chair harness.”

Little Green Pouch Reusable Food Pouches, Dhs65 for 4 (7oz). Suitable for first feeds through to toddlers and young children, they can easily be filled with homemade smoothies, pureés and yoghurts. With an attachable spoon it makes feeding time on the go a whole lot easier.

Beaba – Water Bottle Teat Adapters, Dhs45, can instantly turn any bottle of water into a baby bottle. This can be a lifesaver when you are on the move. If you are renting a car while on holiday, you should also consider packing the Beaba BibCar, Dhs145, a quick and easy bottle warmer wrap to help control the temperature of your baby bottle.

Mini Monkey – Mini Chair, Dhs140, transforms any chair into a high chair and is light and easy enough to slip into your diaper bag.

On the move 

Gone are the days when you can negotiate with your air stewardess to let you take your favourite stroller onto the plane and tuck it behind the last row of seats. Strollers now are whisked away from you at the earliest opportunity. “On our first holiday to Europe with our nine month old daughter I arrived with our luxury stroller safely tucked inside the big travel bag it came with,” says Jenny. “However, along with the endless amount of luggage I had packed – three tins of formula and bumper packs of nappies – it wouldn’t even fit in the small European hire car and we had to upgrade the car! Since then we quickly moved over to a more compact buggy for travelling and left the luxury big stroller for the malls of Dubai.”

A baby carrier can also be a lifesaver at the airport. “It’s great for keeping your hands free for passports, bottle making and, of course, duty free shopping,” says Jenny. “Your little one will be happy to be cuddled up to you and may even fall asleep.”
Lastly – don’t try to take too much.
“Depending on how long you are going to be away, taking both a car seat and a stroller with you is quite unpractical,” says Jenny. “There are some brilliant inventions around, such as car seats that convert into strollers, that save you the hassle and are ideal for short trips away with babies.”

Ideal for longer holidays, the Babyhome – Emotion Stroller, Dhs1,299, is a fabulous compromise between lightweight, compact and durable. It can hold children up to 25kg with a comfortable seat and an expendable leg rest for when they fall asleep. It has a generous shopping basket for all your holiday shopping and a single handlebar for easy manoeuvring. It even has a shock absorbing suspension to make for a smoother ride on those European pavements.

Boba – Air Baby Carrier, Dhs260, is a super lightweight carrier that fits easily into your handbag for the moment you need it.
The Doona – Convertible Rear Facing Infant Car Seat/Stroller, Dhs1,895, is a rear- facing car seat from zero to 18 months that has wheels to convert instantly to a stroller. Pop it in the car then when you arrive simply click and unfold the wheels with one hand.


A little of what you need, a lot of what you love! Sleep turns into a distant memory once you start having children and holidays are no exception. “Everything revolves around getting and keeping your children in sleep and travelling is the arch enemy of sleep and any routine you have in place so it is important to strive to keep continuity as much as possible,” says Jenny. “A great way to get your baby to sleep in their stroller when you are out and about is to put the mosquito net on. It can act as a shade to create some darkness and stop the distractions of the world. If your stroller didn’t come with a mosquito net and rain cover, these can be bought separately from the retailer with some brands. It’s worth taking these with you on your travels, as not everywhere is as sunny as Dubai.

“As for the plane journey, I have seen many children and adults suffering on planes with their ears during my years as an air stewardess. As you can’t instruct a baby to swallow to clear this or her ears, the best thing to do is feed them a bottle of milk upon take off and landing. This will not only distract them but will help clear their ears and, with any luck, send them off into a nice sleep.”

If you are travelling back home to have your baby or are going on a trip with your newborn, the Babyhome – Dream Bassinet, Dhs1,299, is a fantastic first bed solution for your baby from zero to six months. Weighing only 6kg its is compact enough to bring it with you on holiday, giving your baby the continuity of having the same bed, but at the same time is a proper cot that’s super comfortable so your baby has a good night’s sleep. For older babies, the lightest travel cot we have found is the Phil & Ted’s – Traveller Portable Travel Cot, Dhs899. At only 3.2kg it is compact enough to take with you and can accommodate your wriggly toddler up to three years old. 

A few more tips…

How to entertain a toddler on the plane?
I used to bring zip lock bags with different games in each for example some Lego in one, a tea set in another and card game in another. Rather than bringing the full set of anything, just grab enough of each to keep them constantly amused with something new.

What's in your baby bag? A surprising "must have", a "life saver" or "reliable classic" to share with us?
An absolute must have for travelling with my little ones for me was a comfortable changing mat. The places you end up changing your baby when travelling abroad can sometimes be challenging! When travelling I always took a few of the disposable mats too as much easier than trying to keep washing your favourite one in a hotel sink!

What's your beauty secret on the go to keep you looking fresh while traveling?
Eye cream and hand cream. I can’t seem to manage without either. A gel eye cream before landing certainly perks up my face (an old favourite from my air hostessing days!).

Extra reading… I like this packing list for baby and toddler from

Instagram @dbbabies #dbbabies 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Little Farasha - made with love in Dubai

Last week, I missed the launch event of Little Farasha clothing line "Little Bugs". It is so sweet, that had to share with you on the blog.

Little Farasha (“Farasha” meaning butterfly in Arabic) a collection of hand crafted, Middle Eastern inspired accessories and kids wear for trendy babies and glamorous mothers is already a Dubai success story. Maha Gorton, a mother of 3 is the creative mind behind the brand. All Little Farasha products are handmade in the UAE using fabrics that reflect the fashion and culture of the Middle East. Quality and utility is incredibly important in all Little Farasha products. You have probably seen already her adorable Keffiyah Dribble Bibs to keep your baby and toddler dry and look super cool at the same time. Also a total love is Little Farasha’s Mummy & Me kimono cover ups, the new design incorporate delicate lace beach in vibrant neon colours. Fun!

This summer Little Farasha commissioned, Dubai based Australian artist, Georgia Macmillan to create a series of little bug illustrations for the summer 2015 kids wear collection. The Little Bug series consists of a Farasha (butterfly), Da’souka (ladybird) Doodat el qaz (caterpillar), Nahla (bumblebee) and Halazoon (snail). Each of the Little Bug illustrations have a whimsical, classic, yet quirky feel to them. Playing with the English/Arabic mix, which is true to the Little Farasha brand makes the collection regionally relevant and fun! Breaking away from the norm, Little Bugs celebrates the beauty of those little creatures in our gardens. LOVE LOVE LOVE...

To see more check out: 
Instagram -­‐ @littlefarasha

Monday, June 1, 2015

Strolling along with the best prams in town...

Dubai mamas having some fun around town showcasing some fabulously cool and functional strollers from Mountain Buggy and phil&teds. It was a fun day in front of the camera with The Studio,  playing dress up thanks to Harvey Nichols Dubai for the lovely clothes and accessories and to Be Bar for boosting our confidence with a fab blow-dry. 

I really loved the Phil&Ted Promenade, it's a fantastic multifunctional stroller. It’s extremely versatile. From one seater to two seater, it’s easy to convert by adding the Promenade Double Kit. Very easy to maneuver and it looks great!.

Check out the gorgeous Dubai ladies below with their precious little ones. 
And read the full article

That Skinny Beach! Get your bikini body ready with a Shrinking Violet Wrap

Summer is coming up, it's time to plan the holidays and get a new bikini for the beach getaway I am dreaming off. Well before getting to that… I got myself a "Skinny Beach" body, thanks to SensAsia Urban Spa.

The Skinny Beach spa treatment follows on a new trend based on the Shrinking Violet wrap, an innovating body slimming, inch loss body wrapping product. The result does not rely on dehydration and loss of water, the active ingredient in the Shrinking Violet oil breakdowns unwanted fat and removes it and that’s what is making so different and so popular.

Not that I was looking to loose weight really BUT like anybody I was hoping for improvement. The idea to firm up and smooth things out, boost circulation, reduce cellulite and detox was just the promise I was hope hoping. The Shrinking Violet treatment promise on top of that some inch loss guaranty. The fat reduction varies depending on your build, but most experience a dress size drop.

A spa treatment at SensAsia is always a pampering treat, the atmosphere is just blissfully relaxing. I started with a full body Hot Salt & Pepper SensPolish to prep the body and fully benefit from the oil application.

The Shrinking Violet treatment then could commence, the lovely therapist started by taking my measurements from bust, arm, waist, hips, legs… it's a weird process but, I guess by measuring before and after you get accurate results.

First a body brushing session to increases blood and lymphatic flow to help eliminate toxins. Then I was asked to stand on a towels, legs a parts while the therapist applied the the "magic oil" rich in phospholipid and organic lavender, which smells lovely on the skin. It's a soya based oil, which is important to know because of soy allergy. I loved the smell and at that point the overall treatment was going well. A painless and effortless way to loose fat and inches.

Then, it's time to be wrapped up! Using industrial size cling wrap, I was all wrapped from neck to ankles to seal in the oil. Stimulated by heat, the oil penetrates the skin straight into fat cells, where it breaks down fatty acids and shrinks them to a fraction of their former size.

Definitely a weird feeling, limited with movement and with an itchy feeling all over, I felt quite uncomfortable. The first few minutes I got a bit worried and claustrophobic - how am i gonna managed to keep like this for one hour. The lovely therapist made me at ease within minutes. Three deep breaths, some essential oil to inhale, relaxing music and a head massage… I was on my way to dreamland.

About 45 minutes later (and lots of sweating) , we removed the shrink wrap and proceed to the measurements again, in order to compare. More fat you have, more you will loose. I lost about 1,5 cm off all the parts measured, slightly more on my waist and less on my thighs. I felt amazingly lighter like rejuvenated and well detoxed. The wonderful feeling lasted for days.

The loss in inches is not due to dehydration which returns the minute you drink fluids. In fact, you are encouraged to drink lots of water after the treatment to help with the removal of fat through lymphatic drainage. For the fat to come back, new fat has to form which would happen if you followed an unhealthy lifestyle eating excess calories. The success to the Skinny Beach treatment depends on combining the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap with exercise and healthy eating for optimum results - obviously!

After the treatment, it’s also important to drink plenty of water before and after the treatment, dehydration can affect the results. No showering or swimming in the next 12 hours as the solution stays in the body for 72 hours; avoid tea, coffee or alcohol for at least 24 hours.

Wanna get you summer bikini body ready with a little help from SensAsia Urban Spa? Book your session and see the centimeters melt away …

Prices and details
All Shrinking Violet treatments taken at SensAsia Urban Spa come complete with a signature peppermint foot cleanse, plus a 15-minute, super stress-relieving foot massage. SensAsia has also created the ultimate inch-loss experience with its bespoke, special price Skinny Beach packages. Shrinking Violet can be paired with any 60-minute SensAsia facial – the ideal time-saving treat while the body is being shrunk! – at 20% off, or the perfect skin preparing and pore-opening Hot Salt & Pepper SensPolish for just 190dhs (usually 245dhs).

Differents packages are available
SHRINKING VIOLET - One session - 90 min / 730 dhs
THE POWER BOOST - Two sessions (within 72 hours) - 2 x 90 min /1290 dhs
THE LIFESTYLE REBOOT - Six sessions (within 6 weeks) - 6 x 90 min / 3650 dhs (including one free)