Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Practice yoga with your kids - By Mini Exchange

Contributing feature on the blog today… Thank you Mini Exchange for sharing yoga tips and benefits of yoga with the little ones.

A mother’s work is never done and it can be hard to find the time to exercise. Kids demand so much of you that your time is never really your own. Practicing yoga with your children is a fun way to spend quality time with them, and sneak in a great workout. Plus, you can instill the importance of exercise at a young age. Children are quite flexible so they shouldn’t have too much difficulty with the movements. Balance, however, is another story. Yoga teaches them balance, it connects a child with the parent, and their own bodies. It’s also great for their self-esteem. They will learn patience while they learn the poses, and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when they imitate you and, after some practice, get it right!

What to wear for yoga
Before you even get started with the physical stuff, you need to ensure that your child is wearing suitable clothing for yoga. Don’t worry, you don’t need to rush out and buy a bunch of specific yoga apparel. The most important thing is that they are comfortable and can move easily. Choose breathable outfits made from cotton, like shorts or leggings, and t-shirts or tank tops. Opt for casual garments that can stretch with the body, and avoid items with zips, buttons, or Velcro fasteners. Ensure that their nails are clipped. There is no need for shoes or socks, bare feet are best.

Yoga teaches body awareness
Children learn how to place their hands and feet, and consciously feel what it’s like when their weight shifts. They’ll discover new approaches to use to move and position their bodies, and how to use different parts of their bodies for support.

Improve posture with yoga
Yoga teaches all students (kids and adults) how to properly align their bodies in each pose. This alignment draws the shoulders away from the ears, the pelvis underneath the ribcage, and eases the spine into a secure, neutral line. As a child improves and their muscles strengthen, they will be more adept at supporting their skeletal system. It’s a great way to establish a firm, muscular foundation

Yoga can help with behavioural issues
These days, kids have overwhelming schedules with school, extramural activities, homework, sports practices, and chores at home. This doesn’t leave much time for play. Crazy schedules can overburden a child and make them stressed. This can lead to lower immunity, depression, aggression, and acting out. By making time to do some yoga and the breathing techniques involved, children gain more control over their mental and emotional health.

Refine coordination and balance with yoga
One example is the tree pose. It requires you to stand on one leg, with the other bent and your foot pressing into your standing leg. This position requires balance and coordination, which helps kids to develop both fine and gross motor skills, and sensory processing. Yoga builds strength that helps kids be less clumsy, and teaches them how to catch themselves if they fall. It’s great for building independence!

Yoga improves mind-body connection
For anyone practicing yoga, there is a development of the mind-body bridge. Kids learn how to relax their muscles and joints by using breathing and mind control techniques. This is a valuable skill that they will possess throughout their life. A person’s mind can influence their physical health at any age.

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