Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gynoii: Smart and Innovative Baby Monitor We Love

Couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try out for review a new Smart Baby Monitor, the Gynoii. This cool video baby monitor comes with a simple to use camera that transmits securely to your phone (iOS or Android device) over wifi. Cool right? There is also some fun features, let's have a look.

Cool features you will love:
You can time lapse video which allows you to create short video clip. It will condense 160 minutes of video into about 40 seconds. Fun to watch! 

While you’re watching videos, you can take easy snapshots of your little one, anytime. You can share directly to your social media accounts all those cute moments with your close friends and family. You can then share them via Facebook, Twitter, send them as an email attachment or save in your gallery.

It can play lullaby or play your own customized play list.

Practicle features makes Gynoii, a smart baby monitor:

Audio only mode which allows you to continue using your phone while still listening to baby. Good to use at night, it can be used if you want to turn off the video while you’re in bed at night, but you’ll still be able to hear sound alerts if your baby wakes up.

A two way talk function so you can talk to your baby through the camera, a sound and motion alert sent to you to alert you that baby is awake. You have the possibility to choose between high quality, medium, or low video quality. Keep in mind that the video quality depends upon your home’s Internet. (Snapshots above are taken with medium quality). 

The Gynoii works during the day, or at night time with its night vision feature. It will detect the darkness and automatically switch to night mode function. Easy.

Remote View/Multiple Viewers is a good feature because this monitor uses an app it allows you to share your username and password with others so they can monitor too. Works well if you are using the app on multiple devices. Mum and dad can both have the app on their phones. So daddy can peek in and say good night when he is out of town. Sweet, right!?

Getting started is easy:

The Gynoii baby monitor is simple to set up and the app easy to download and operate. You must have internet service in your home with a Wifi router and a smart phone such as the iPhone or the Android. Everything else you need is in the box! Super easy to set up, take it out of the box, download the app for free, scan the code, set up an account via the app and you are done! Once you have gone through the easy setup process the camera will begin transmitting to your phone. The process took me less then 10 minutes. Note: If you wish to view live streaming video from your workplace, while shopping, or anywhere else you will need a data plan package on your phone.

It comes with the hardware needed, you can mount the camera on the wall, place it on shelf or use the practical clipping holder, depending on the child age, reach and view you are looking for. I clipped the camera holder on to the crib for now but I might change if I feel that Josefin will try to reach for it. 

So what's the conclusion…

We loved it! The Gynoii is reliable, and provides great video and images. Very easy to set up and to operate the many features. I was not using a baby monitor at home, I have been relying on my good ear and light sleeping skill to attend to Josefin if needed. While on holiday, I would use an baby monitor app with my iPhone and iPad but that had it's limitation. 

Of course some time, I would wonder what is going on in her room but I would not open the door and peek in or I will disturb her. It's actually lovely "to check" on her while she's sleeping and helpful to sometime see what's the fussing about before going in. 

If you are looking for a baby monitor, this one is a great all in one option. It does more than just monitor… You will love the snapshot and time lapse options. It's super user friendly and create daily memories for you to share and save. For more info check out: gynoii.com

The Gynoii is now available in Dubai, it's retails in Just Kidding for AED849.
Safa store: (+971)4 346 6050
Gold & Diamond Park store: 04 341 3922

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