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Top Tips and Ideas for decorating children's bedroom - from MarMarland Founder

Have you heard of MarMarLand? A new new online shop for mothers, children and babies has arrived to the UAE and is also available for all GCC mothers as well as worldwide international shipping! MarMarLand carries a great selection of well design products for babies and children to play and live in a dreamy environment. Some of the best children’s designer brands available at MarMarLand are:  LuckyBoySunday, ferm living, Anne-Claire Petit, Jupiduu, rice, Burrow & Be … 

If you are after simplistic, high quality long lasting products for their babies and children that brings the ‘cool factor’ to the room, look no further then MarMarLand. The online shop provides trendy, up to date accessories, organic toys, contemporary décor, innovative storage and in vogue furniture.

Dubai our Sandbox had the opportunity to ask award winning entrepreneur Maren Gerber , founder of MarMarLand her top tips for decorating/furnishing your kid’s room. Maren vision with Marmarland is to create "a space that allowed a child to believe they are not just anywhere when they sleep or play, but in actual fact they are in MarMarLand. A place where a child feels comfort and magic, a place where dreams come true and inventions can be created".

Storage, storage and more storage.
Buy enough toy boxes and bags to hide all the toys. So tiding up gets easy and the room looks cleaner and gives the kids more space to play. I have the big Kolor paper toy bags at home in our play area. It just takes me 2 minutes to stuff in all the toys after the kids are in bed to make our living room look a bit more like a living room and less play area again.

♥  Invest in furniture, which grows with your child. You get much more value for money if you buy furniture which can be used many years. For example buy a baby cot, which can be changed into a toddler bed. We will have amazing beds by Sebra online very soon. Another idea is to look beyond products specially made for children. There are many “adult” products, which work really well in children’s rooms. 

♥ Do not overdo a theme. It can be helpful to have a theme or a colour in mind while deciding on furniture and accessories but do not take it to far. If you like to have a certain theme, keep the walls, carpet and furniture neutral and add some accessories like wall stickers and cushions matching your theme. So you can easily change it if you or your child does not like it anymore.

♥  Add a cosy corner. Kids love to have their own little hideaway. It can be a tepee, play house or cuddle corner with a play mat and lots of cushions.

♥ Buy some quality toys. Not only are toys of good quality better for your baby’s health and safety but also do they look much nicer. Many toys are so stylish that they work as decorative item for your kid’s or play room.

♥  Little changes can make a huge difference. You do not need a huge budget to change the atmosphere of your kid’s room. Maybe add some wall stickers and posters or a letter banner and some new bedding.

♥  Leave room for imagination and don’t stuff too much into your kid’s room.

♥  Don’t aim for a “perfect” kid’s room. Mix and match different colours and textures and adding items, which you like or which have a personnel meaning for you, will add character and will make the room unique. Keep in mind that your baby or child and you are the ones who will spend lots of time there.

♥  If you are unsure or do not have the time to furnish and decorate your baby’s nursery or kid’s room ask an interior stylist. There are amazing stylists in the UAE like Linda from Liveloudgirl and Kathryn from House of Hawkes

♥  If you just need a bit of inspiration, have a look at Instagram and Pinterest. There you will find lots of images of amazing rooms.

Thank you Maren!

To get some ideas and get inspired visit Facebook: MarMarLand and Instagram: MarMarLand

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