Monday, April 20, 2015

Our first 'baby class' with The Bright Minds Institute

Last week, Josefin experienced her first "baby class". At only 7 months, I was not expecting much more then a bit of socializing for her. Wondering if baby really benefit from "baby activity classes" and if it's really necessary to sign up for baby swimming classes, kinder music, baby gym and so on at such an early age. After this morning 50 minutes sessions with The Bright Minds Institute, I would say YES why not! If you gonna enjoy taking the time to do this with your baby, the benefice are significant. It is a way to foster new emotional development and communication skills. I could see Little Jo eyes wide open to new experiences, her focus set to details and her body responding to sound and music. As a mom it's such a joy to see. We both really enjoyed! Thanks for having us.

What is Bright Minds? It's a teaching method involving both side of the brain. The Whole Brain Training Class we took part into equally stimulates a child's left and right side of the brain. The lovely teacher Anna, explained to me that focusing on both parts of the child's brain at such a young age allows a child to develop the ability to utilize more brain capacity to improve decision-making, attention spam, memory… Until about 2 years old, a child use mainly his right side of the brain and is capable of absorbing so much information, it is worth exploiting in a fun & developmentally beneficial way!

The class started with music and song just like a "happy warm up". First part of the session focused on the right side of the brain: the creative, intuitive, imagination oriented side. Josefin enjoyed the flash cards, sensory games and visualization. The fast paced of the activities keep the child interest and fun.

The second part of the class was about literacy, numeracy and fine motor skills, using the left side of the brain. Of course, it's limited for her age but I understood that introducing concept and letting her absorb what she can and want is the key to her development.

The good stuff:
- Lovely teacher with drama teaching background which keep the little ones in real 'woohaa mood', encouraging interactivity and keeping the session fun and entertaining.
- Fast-paced activities keep the child interested
- Great location Apple Seeds Dubai or Kidsvill JBR
- Quality time with baby and social interaction
- After this kind of "brain workout" Josefin had a long nap - bliss

To know:
- Classes are pricey, 150Dhs/class for one time a week, 130Dhs/class for twice a week.
- Free trial class is available
- Different age groups: 6months to 1 year / 1year to 2 / 2 years to 3 / 3 years to 4 / 4 years to 5
- Maximum six per class
- For more details contact or call 0566880773

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