Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cuddledry towel for happy bath time experience

Here's our new find love, The Baby Apron Bath Towel for Josefin and The Snuggle Monkey Towel for Luella from Cuddledry. Adorable and practical towel made from natural bamboo fibre and pure cotton, the Cuddledry is much softer than a normal towel, and stays that way after washing – ideal for snuggling and drying the little ones.

The Baby Apron Bath Towel is an innovative yet simple solution for baby bath time. The story behind the apron towel come from Cuddledry designers, Helen Wooldridge and Polly Marsh, who were inspired to create the Cuddledry after they and their husbands struggled at bath time with slippery babies, and realising this was a challenge every new parent faces: “We asked hundreds of parents and found that mums and dads everywhere battle with baby towels held awkwardly under their chin, or in their teeth, or put crying babies onto towels on cold bathroom floors, to get over the need for an extra hand to hold the towel at bath time,” explains Polly Marsh, one of Cuddledry’s creators. “It is of course impossible to safely lift a baby without two hands, but you also somehow have to hold a towel and wrap them in it!” 

The solution to an easy bath experience, thanks to the clip on around the neck hooded style towel that lets you dry your baby hands free and stay dry. We loved the soft and cuddly fabric, perfect for the little ones delicate skin. It's one of those things you don't know it exist, you don't know how good it is until you try it and then you can't be without it… Josefin love her bath, it's always a happy time that ends in tears when it's time to get out of the bath tub. Thankfully, cuddledry is helping the "after bath" experience making it just a bit more cuddly and happy… much less tears!

Luella being the big sister wrap herself up in the Snuggle Monkey dress up towel and jumps around the room making monkey sounds entertaining her little sister. Being 6 years old, she's getting a bit old for the cuddledry towel but the towel is large enough for her to snuggle into it and the softness and cuteness of the towel keeps her interested. Overall, as a mum, I think it's a great quality product. The microfiber - super soft bamboo and pure cotton blend is ideal for little skins. After a few washes and tumble dry, it is still silky soft. The apron feature is definitely very convenient with little babies. Its a good buy and a lovely gift for a new parent. 

Cuddledry products are available at
Cuddledry Snuggle Monkey towel retail price AED195 and Cuddledry Apron Towel retail price is AED240, checkout the Cuddledry range here.

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