Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sweet French Treat - La Serre Boulangerie

Another lovely time at LaSerre Boulangerie.
Downtown Dubai is close to our hood and we love the urban vibe to it.
Thursday morning, Little Jo and I had a spontaneous late breakfast with a friend.
A charming girly date over smooth coffee, freshly baked croissants  
with the most delicate and tasty eggs - scrambled with salmon and classic Benedict.

Boulangerie now has a lovely terrace. A perfect setting along the boulevard, the view over the Burj Khalifa and the palm trees to remind you, that you are in Dubai.

The newly installed Pétanque set up is a sweet touch, an entertaining kid friendly idea.
We loved!

On your way out, buy a crusty baguette and some flowers from Pretaflora, just like if you were in France on a side walk of a little café. 
Simple pleasure of life.

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