Sunday, February 1, 2015

Play, Built and Explore with KenziBox

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet with lovely mamas Shirin Benamadi and Leyla Lahsini, co-founder of KenziBox. Two inspiring moms who wanted to find a better way to inspire their kids and to share this journey with others. They started KenziBox with the goal of bringing the magic of crafts into all homes, without the hassle.

KenziBox, contains 4 craft projects under one theme per month, with instruction and material provided. Ready to use. Those activities boxes are a great idea because they allowed busy parents to easily make quality time with the children. It gives you the opportunity to spontaneously start some crafty projects without looking around for ideas and materials. It's less time consuming and more convenient.

It's a fantastic way to stimulate the imagination, engage the children and spend family time together. The projects are hands-on, enriching and fun to do. Older kids might be able to do the activity by themselves while younger ones will need a bit of help. Recommended for ages 3-8 years old.

On Friday morning, Luella and I set ourself up in the garden and got the big blue box. Luella was very excited to pick her first activity. She understood the concept and was looking forward to "make" something together, something to show pappa on his return. First choice: "Let’s Feed the Birds" - Build a Birdhouse and watch to see who comes over for a snack. Instructions are well designed and easy to follow, the materials are good quality (well-known brands from the USA, Canada and Europe) and the idea is fun and engaging. Success. We tied up the bird feeder in our frangipani and hope for birds to come say hello… Later on that afternoon, it was only half full, so we had guests… ;)

During the weekend, the excitement to do more activities was still on, we managed to do "Kenzi’s Flower Garden" - Create a beautiful and crafty indoor flower garden. We kept "My Own Greenhouse" - Design your Greenhouse and learn to sprout beans and "Grassy the Caterpillar" - Grow long grass to cut and style on this fun Caterpillar for after school fun. 

What I like: 
Easy and convenient, ready to use (even protection paper for your table is provided).
It took us around 20 / 30 min to do one activity… not too long just enough quality time.
Stirred some interesting questions and conversation for kids about birds, growing flowers, garden and recycling.

What Luella liked:
"Surprises in a box", "Time with maman", "Make stuff", "Take photos" and "showing my friends and pappa my cool homemade projects".

KenziBox will bring hours of fun in the house. Thumbs up! 

Check out to view the different subscription package and  
Monthly Subscription, AED 185 /month
3 Months Subscription, AED 175 /month
6 Months Subscription, AED 155 /month

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