Saturday, December 6, 2014

#UnitedBloggersofBenetton - Kids Winter 14

I am totally honoured to be part of #unitedbloggersofbenetton again this season! Benetton is truly a family brand: authentic, classic, and quality at democratic prices. I remember as a child wearing Benetton, and I am happy now as a mother to bring up Luella into the Benetton brand. She like I did can learn to embrace their colors, contemporary cuts and quality materials.

This season, United Colors of Benetton and sister brand Sisley offer a large selection of cool and practical clothes for boys and girls. We picked some playful and urban outfits for your winter in Dubai. From ultra washed denim pants, jeans with patches, printed sweatshirts with "cool American mood", padded jackets, plaid flannel shirts, hats with with numbers and pom pom and a “handmade” effect, stars and trips and some touch of sequins and glitter for the girls, you are sure to find something to match their style. Get into a retro 90's touch with the high top sneakers and high leather boots. So much to choose from...

Thank you Benetton for the opportunity to style this blog feature and huge thumbs up to Aleks and Luella for the "hardwork" as little models. Special thanks to Katarina for your help and high spirit. To see more of the Collection visit Benetton stores across the UAE.

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