Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Party planning made easy

Luella's 6th birthday is coming up. It's always exciting to organize a party but it can also be time consuming and frustrating. Dubai offers many great locations to host a birthday bash and there is a long list of party planners and suppliers to help you organize the perfect celebration.

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I came across Sweet Life Parties, a stylish one-stop-shop for all your party need. A friendly and professional event planner providing unique ideas for children parties. The list of party themes is sure to please and suit every children from Ballerina, Mermaid, Pirates, Circus, Jungle, Disney, Ferrari and so much more.

I look forward to work with Sweet Life to create a birthday party full of wonderful memories to cherish for years. I trust that with their help, I will be able to put together a relatively stress free event. Thanks to their experience, Sweet Life knows how to take care of all aspects for busy parents to take away the stress of organizing and preparing for the special day. Watch this space more updates on the party planning AND THE PARTY itself. Can't wait!

Tips for a successful birthday party: Preparing for the party, choosing the theme, decoration, activities and the food should be half the fun. From big elaborate bash to small gathering, what's important for your child is to feel special. Taking your child's age into account when making your plans will help ensure a successful day. For a 6 years old, friends becomes increasingly important, parties take on greater meaning. Start planning early…

♥ Pick a theme: It helps to narrow the set up and aesthetic, from invitations, decorations, location and even the menu. Choose a theme that suits your child personality and taste. For an adventurous child, a pirate party with a treasure hunt or for an athletic child a baseball or football party, ensure that her birthday party represents her interests. Be creative!

♥ Guest list: If possible make sure your child's best friends are free before you set the date. Choose your number, the whole class or close friends only. Discuss with your child what will work best for you and the family. Invite can be designed online and sent via email. evite.com or paperlesspost.com Nice and easy!

♥ Entertaining the guests: You can hire some help from face painters, balloon artists and magicians, but really you don't have too spend too much money on entertainment! Games, activities and crafts can help keep kids occupied. Kids will also enjoy more simple activities like art&craft, creating bracelets using beads, bubbles, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, music games… 

♥ When you send invitations to your child friends, be clear about what time the party begins and ends. Early afternoon parties are ideal for young children and should last for around two hours, enough time for kids to play games and have snack and cake.

♥ Food and drink: If you can, home made cake are special and thoughtful. Make a cake that matches your child's interests. They love cakes with imaginative designs. If the party theme is trucks, clean up a few of your child's toy trucks and place them around the cake in brown icing so that they appear muddy. If your theme is crawling creatures, decorate the cake with gummy worms, and use green and brown icings to depict grass and dirt. For a princess create a pretty cake featuring toy lipstick and a mini purse or whatever little props you might have… fun and creative. Don't worry if the cake looks less than perfect, chances are your 6-year-old won't notice. But make sure it tastes good.
You can use a cater but it's also nice and easy to prepare snack yourself. You can find plenty of inspiring recipes online or use pre-pack treats from the store. Serve the snacks in creative containers, like individual boxes or baskets (Daiso for inexpensive options).

♥ Party favors: Trinkets and candy are popular but you can think out of the box and give out a single more substantial favor, such as a book or find a matching item from your theme party like a teacup for a tea party, or flash light for an adventure themed bash.

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