Monday, November 17, 2014

Our visit on Mums The World…

Some "me time" is a luxury, a treat to yourself. What's your treat? Some evenings, I unwind and  I enjoy my cuppa of tea while reading lifestyle and traveling blogs. Mums the World is one of the bookmark on my list. It's a good read, from two Dubai mums with a passion for travelling. "Mums the World will endeavour to keep you entertained with musings of destinations from across the globe, be it a sandy family getaway or a snowy hiking trek across the Himalayas, they are on a mothers mission to bring you along on their incredible journeys._ Jenny & Laura, the Founders of Mums the World, "

Recently, I had the opportunity to share my travel experiences in the Cote d'Azure, on Mums The World as a guest blogger: "Il Fait bon vivre with Dubai our Sandbox". I shared some favorite things to do, places to see and kids friendly attractions in Nice, South of France.

Mums The World is a lovely stop for traveling tips, ideas, destinations and lots more. Check it out!

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