Monday, September 15, 2014

Mountain Buggy Fitness – Get back in shape after baby's arrival

Here's the class, I will be trying out soon (after my 6 weeks post delivery check up with my Dr) and I can't wait to get back in shape thanks to Olivia Johnson Personal Trainer specializing in Pre and Post Natal fitness. Olivia will ensure you get the best results while having lots of fun with a bunch of like minded mums by your side.
Mountain Buggy Fitness is about "getting out there and being active" whilst still being with your little one. Having a child doesn't need to be a restriction to fitness and your well being. "

Mountain Buggy Fitness Program
The classes will be an hour long class consisting of warm up, stretching to improve flexibility, cardiovascular and strength exercises, core and pelvic floor strengthening exercises.

This program has been developed specifically for women who have had babies to regain their pre pregnancy body composition and fitness, with particular focus on strengthening the core, toning up the bum and thighs, improving strength and muscle tone on the shoulders and arms. Exercising with the buggy adds additional resistance, which tones the upper body and shoulders. It's also much more fun to exercise in the fresh air, make friends and know you are giving your baby fresh air too.

During the week there will be two classes dedicated to Boot camp
This class with be 60 minutes and is targeted at building fitness and body tone which has been reduced through pregnancy. The class is especially for Mum baby and buggy and consist of:
Warm up power walk or jog when fitness allows – 10 minutes
Interval boot camp style training to burn fat and tone and sculpt the body including exercises such as: squats, step ups, lunges, burpee’s, press up and the resistance bands – 30 minutes
Core strengthening and pelvic floor exercises – 10 minutes
Cool down, stretching to improve and restore flexibility – 10 minutes

Saturday morning classes will be a Mountain Buggy running class where the whole family can enjoy. This is a great opportunity for a family run with beautiful views of the beach and sea and the opportunity to go for a swim after class! This is a favourite with dads too! This class is 60 minutes long combining running with strengthening, toning and flexibility. Warm up jog with buggy and pre stretch 10 minutes. Core run with buggy of approx. 20 minutes
Toning and strengthening exercises targeting the legs and core such as squat jumps, bunny hops, single leg squats and plank – 20 minutes. Cool down and stretches to improve flexibility and relax the body after the workout – 10 minutes

Price and Location:
AED 300 for 6 classes and receive a FREE Mountain Buggy Water Bottle
AED 500 for 12 classes and receive a FREE Mountain Buggy Pram Hang Bag filled with goodies
Location and Timings: Starting from October 2014 the timings will be:
Every Saturday @ 8.00am at Jumeriah Beach new running track (Kite Beach)
Every Monday @ 8.30 am Dubai Marina – Beach front outside Marina Mall
Every Wednesday @ 8.30 am Palm Park under the mono rail meet at the main car park

For more information on classes please contact:
Olivia Johnson of Ultra Sports +971 050 141 1766

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