Sunday, September 14, 2014

Josefin love to cosy up in her Boba Wrap

Loving my Boba Wrap! This is one item I did not use with Luella, and I missed out!

The Boba Wrap Baby Carrier (which was once called the Sleepy Wrap) is suppose to be a good option for baby carrier beginner — easy to use and comfortable for the baby. There are no closures, snaps, buttons etc— just one long stretch of material and it is suitable for babies from 0-18 months. Personally I don't thinking you would caring your little one this way past 12 months... The obvious advantage of the Boba Wrap is the closeness you get with your baby. A real snuggle, cosy, comfy and reassuring nest for your precious one while keeping your hands free.

The technique used to wrap the baby is not simple at first but after a couple of try you got it and its easy. You can view the video on how to wear to figure it out. Once you have the Boba Wrap on correctly, you put your baby inside pretty easily. You carry them in the front so that they’re head is below your chin.

Fabric is really soft, comfy, stretchy and lightweight so your child is just an extension of your outfit. I will definitely use the Boba Wrap as a carrier around the house, quick trips around town, school pick ups. It has a good back support but for longer time and distance I will probably stick with my Baby Borjn carrier.

The Boba Wrap and many more cool items are available at (new website launching this October). Boba Wrap retail price: AED185. Thumbs up!!

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