Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Comfort for you and baby with "My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow

Here's another baby item that I did not use with my first child. I am quite minimal in my need to buy baby stuff. Five years ago while breastfeeding Luella I used a cushion to provide support while feeding her. It was not the best but it worked out just fine. Actually, if I think of it I did get uncomfortable and some back pain but as a first time mom I did not know any better...

This time around, while using My Brest Friend nursing pillow (bit of a silly name, right?), I realise the difference and what I have missed out! The pillow was designed to properly support mom and baby during breastfeeding. The clever cushion fully wrap around the body providing support, comfort and security. So you don't have to constantly readjust, it make the process of correct latch on easier. Baby lay comfortably on the firm surface while you are well supported on your back and have a place to rest your elbow and arms, avoiding shoulder pain and promote a good posture to prevent sore back and neck . The adjustable straps can be adjusted according to the ease of your child and you. This nursing pillow is also very easy to clean, thanks to it's removable cover. One more feature: a small pocket. Not sure what to use it for?! But if you need it, there is one... to keep little accessories.

My breast friend nursing pillow definitely made my breast-feeding experience more comfortable, less tiring this time around.

Babysouk.com carries a large selection of My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow, in different colors and designs. Retail price for the original pillow is AED199, check out babysouk.com for more info and special offer.

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