Sunday, September 7, 2014

Belly Bandit line: Miracle in a box for mum to be

I find out about Belly Bandit brand at the end of my pregnancy, a bit late to fully try out and enjoy some of the pregnancy items like Upsie Belly or Flawless Belly but just on time to get the miracle compressing belt to help me get back in shape post pregnancy. 

Belly Bandit line offers high-performance products - tighter, lighter, stronger, longer, and stay in place to cover and target your belly, waist and hips. Created with a unique propriety Stretch and Compress fabrics. Snug, smooth and slimming, Belly Bandit's® universally perfect fit will help woman look and feel good, in and out of clothing during and after pregnancy.
During my hospital stay, I met with a physiotherapy regarding my post natal recovery and we discussed the compression belt. She agreed it will be helpful to wear the belt in conjunction with some gentle exercises proscribed by your physiotherapist, in order to strengthened some of the stretched muscles. So don't forget, to achieve long term and safe results practice the correct lower belly exercises and pelvic floor exercises and always check with your practitioner to make sure. 

One of their best selling item is Bamboo Belly Bandit, an update version of the original Belly Bandit belt (eco version, slightly more expensive but so worth it!). This tummy tucker in Bamboo fabric is very soft to the skin while the specialized graded elastic helps to aid in tightening the belly, minimizing stretch marks and supporting core muscle structure. This is definitely a perfect balance of outstanding comfort and compression. I have been wearing the Bamboo Belly Bandit from day 1 (it was packed in my hospital bag - last minute add on). I believe after just a few day post delivery, it has help accelerates healing, give me some back support and smooth things out… In the long run, if used daily for 6 to 8 weeks with correct exercises as well, I will hopefully get back to a pre-pregnancy look. I will make sure to update you on the result!

My other favorite is the Mother Tucker Nursing Tank, it's the ultimate nursing compression top, I love wearing it! It has been engineered to offer exceptional under wire-free support, slide-over cups for discreet nursing access, and not one, but three strategic zones of compression to flatten your belly, tame muffin top and battle back bulge. It is very soft and comfy (but yes tight!). I think its a good complement to the Belly Bandit compression belt. A good option to wear when you go out as a shape wear under garment and a very convenient nursing top without snaps or flaps. The Mother Tucker should help with postpartum stretch marks by containing loose skin, as well as perfect your posture. This secret weapon is a bit pricey but works to make you feel a little more glamourous… and that's priceless.

 Next on my list The Mother Tucker Leggins: "smooth your tummy and thighs while giving your butt that added boost. A wardrobe essential that shapes and supports you from the waist down!" Just what I need! And I am gonna need all the help I can get…

Check out the large range of Belly Bandit products  available at K-Lynn stores across the UAE.
Belly Bandit Original retail value: AED265
Belly Bandit Bamboo or Couture  retail value: AED365
Mother Tucker Nursing Tank  retail value: AED425

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