Saturday, August 2, 2014

What am I packing? Getting my hospital bag ready...

Just a couple of days ago, I was asked if I had packed my bag? At nearly 36 weeks pregnant, it did not cross my mind yet! So now, it got me thinking… and I don't even remember packing a bag the first time around with Luella. I remember things I wish I had and with a little reading around and tips from friends… here's my packing essentials to make our stay a little more pleasant.

For me...
Comfy robe and PJs: I like Zara Home for soft and cosy home wear like this plush cotton and cashmere robe with matching pants.

Flip flops: Would like to hung around in those Zara Home sleepers in rose gold, but might just bright some flip flops because you can wear them in the shower.

Toiletery essentials: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, brush… and some favorite products to make you fell little better like a nice scented shampoo and conditioner combo. Palmer's oil just because it's now an everyday essential.

MakeUp basic: To look and feel good on the photos and surprised visits from friends and family. Mascara and shimmer powder will do...

Nursing tops or bras: For confort and practicality. Got mine from h&m as a starter pack.

Tech stuff: Can't be without my iPhone and MacBookAir.

More stuff: Less glamorous but probably needed, pack of maternity underwear, maxi pads, nipples cream to name a few necessities. Also a comfortable and feel good  "going home" outfit…

For baby...
Things to wear: simple cotton onesies

Receiving blanket: Practical and for multiple usages, like as a nursing cover, wiping little mouths, light blanket…Versatile!

Soothers: might be usual while waiting for milk supply to build up. Some babies love it some just don't care for it… Will see.

Swaddle blanket:  You could use a large receiving blanket but I like to use the pocket kind with wrap around. Gro Swaddle is an option, I used The Miracle Blanket for Luella… was great!

Going home outfit: Comfy and easy to wear like this Petit Bateau 2 pieces set. 

More stuff… Scratch mittens, wipes and diapers, and don't forget the car seat...

To make your stay cosier… a private room...
Room scented spray: Won't be allowed to bring my beloved Dyptique candle, so a home spray will do - figuier or freesia.

A batteries operated candle:  For a cosy glow at night

Small picture frame:  Like this double fold frame to keep hubby and Luella close by.

Flowers: Hopefully from your first visitor.

Ok so the list might be updated or modified but that's a good start… What do you think!?

Get some reading from the experts or on a lighter note (but still useful) .

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