Thursday, July 24, 2014

No Make-Up Day

Recently, I came across a "no make up vibe" on different social media platform. #realface #trueselfie #wokeuplikesthis #nomakeup! I decided to take on the trend now and then. Why?! Obviously it must be good for the skin to take a break from all the chemicals in make-up, to let it breath.

But also because I am raising up a little girl. As a 5 years old, dressing up, applying make up and nail polish is one of her favorite playtime. I need to be an example, to show her the importance of accepting your natural beauty and to build your self confidence. I want her to know that she's beautiful without make-up and that beauty also comes from within. 

The morning light and a slight over exposed photo was good enough to "erase" some of my fine lines = secret. ;) Ok so, I am ready to go out and to accept my flaws once a week… kinda!

Check out who's also into the "no make-up day" trend!

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