Thursday, July 31, 2014

LiveFreshr : Love this new grocery delivery service

This week on our return to Dubai from holidays, we got to experience the new grocery home delivery service with a twist: LiveFreshr. They are on a mission to make eating healthy, fresh, home cooked food a convenient alternative to fast food deliveries!

The concept is easy and work well. Get started, sign up to the website, check out the different meal plans and recipes using the friendly personalized dashboard. Choose your delivery option - the groceries will be delivered to your door along with either 3, 4 or 5 recipes each week to help you prepare delicious and varied meals throughout the week. Delivering everywhere in Dubai!

We got set up on a 3 meal plan (3 recipes for 2 persons ). Sunday morning we received our delivery, a box of "dry" ingredients and a cool box with all the fresh ingredients perfectly portioned and labelled. How convenient!

Day1: Creamy Fish Pie, with salmon, prawns and perch, a classic British dish. I followed the easy recipe steps provided. I restrained myself from adding a few ingredients as I wanted to experience the recipe as recommended. The dished turned out to be good and a real success with my 5 years old. Bonus!

Day2: Red Thai Chicken Curry was a family affair. The excitement of the novelty got to everyone, Luella and daddy got into it and were very helpful preparing diner that night. It was a pleasure (made easy by LiveFreshr) to cook together. The dish turned out to be excellent. Our favorite, obviously not for Luella as we made it quite spicy using all of the curry paste. 

Luella and papa helping in the kitchen - chopping onions (well equipped).
Diner was a fun family affair that evening!

Day3 (actually on the 4th day) : Caprese Pasta Bake, an Italian dish based on the Italian flag colors using fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil! It was a quick diner option that turned to be simple goodness. I skip the grilled / baked part and served with slice of fresh mozzarella instead. No surprise, just good.

Red Thai Chicken Curry in progress and Caprese Pasta, all very yummy! 

Conclusion: We really enjoyed the easy process. It was convenient and made simple for beginner cooks but it gives the opportunity to more experimented "chef" to add their own touch to the recipes. It still takes time to prepare a good diner, but LiveFreshr definitely cut down the time process for you. We were very happy with the choice of recipes and the freshness of the ingredients. Next time I might add a bit more cream or cheese or a touch of white wine… that's the personal choice you can make if you want. I like the flexibility but you might not in this case following and using what's provided works just fine, that's the beauty of LiveFreshr.

The price range is in the competitive spectrum. You need to have a look and work out what is best for you with the price calculator , for example 3 meals for 2 people can be either 108AED/PP (for 1 week) or as low as 87AED/PP (for 12 weeks). LiveFreshr is a great option for families, couples or singletons. We had fun cooking as a family one night but it also made my evening much easier another night when time was running out to get diner on the table. I think it's also a lovely idea for dating couples as well, cooking together (made easy to avoid the drama in the kitchen) is a fantastic idea to get to know each other and enjoy the simple good thing in life. Just an idea… 

Check out and follow - get cooking, the easy way! Enjoy!

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