Sunday, June 1, 2014

In the kitchen... at Urbano Restaurant

Urbano, Italian bistro in Souk Al Bahar, is a lovely spot for good, casual italian experience. Remember my review "Urbano Italian Trattoria"? Well this time, I had the pleasure to hang out behind the kitchen stove with charming and enthusiastic  Italian Chef Claudio. It was a great morning learning two simple and classic dishes from the menu, using the freshest and best ingredients possible:  Tuna Salad and a Seafood Risotto. The core value of Urbano is its simplicity and quality. If you fancy, trying home cooking style italian, have a look at the new added items from menu you will find for example...

Fritto mist: Mixed seafood, calamari, white bait, squid and prawns lightly deep fried with tartar sauce. Funghi ripieni al forgo: Baked portabello mushroom filled with crispy bacon and smoked mozzarella cheese. Classic Burrata cheese from Southern Italy, drizzled with our finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, served with grilled focaccia and seasonal tomatoes. Arrosto di huzza ripen: Roasted pumpkin stuffed with cherry tomato, pine nuts, basil and mozzarella cheese. Treveli peace bollito: Poached treveli fish fillet with smoked fragola, cherry tomatoes, clams and chat potatoes. Cozze e gamberetti: Fresh mussels and prawns tossed with olive oil, chipotle chili, Italian parsley and linguine pasta. And a lot more!

Good to know: There is a children menu offering tomato soup and mozzarella sticks, and a selection of pizza and pasta to make the little ones happy. Checkout  Bon Appetit! 

Thank you to Dabo&Co and Urbano team for having me!

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