Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birth Announcement: Let's get creative … no pressure

Now half way through my pregnancy, I realized that I did not do a proper pregnancy announcement which made me think of the next step: birth announcement. Five years ago, for Luella, I did not do much, a baby photo with simple wording sent as a thank you card for the generous gifts and kind messages. This time around I am planning (will see if I get to it though…) to be a little bit more creative. There is so many cool ideas out there to be inspired by, from easy iPhone app, homemade installation, professional photography…

Over the top? Yes maybe but very cute. Graphic Designer parents created this special CIA (cute infant agency) file to announce the birth of little Oliver. No pressure, not gonna even think about trying to top that one. View here. or simpler version of a "felony" announcement here.

Love this installation on the left from alphabetmonkey.com, it's home made, thought out, informative and adorable. Also a favorite cherishinghopesanddreams.blogspot.com version.

You can also easily order online via many websites with easy to use templets to choose from like this mix typography from Etsy. You can also check out minted.com or tinyprints.com. And locally based littlemajlis.com or helloworldcards.com also offer cute options.

Your beautiful news will probably be shared on the day via email, text, social media… RedStamp one of my favorite app will allows you to send out digital correspondence like your birth announcement via text or e-mail with a personal touch.

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