Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things we tried this week...

♥ Craving Asian food. Got inspired by this Peking Style Pancakes, but I used pork tenderloin instead of duck. Really good and easy… more here.

♥ Got back on the mat this week. After getting the ok from Dr, I started pre-natal pilates. Very pleased with my class at Real Pilates in Jumeirah, signed up for a 10 sessions package. That combined to morning walk on the beach… I am feeling good.

♥ Luella got to try out a class at Future Kids Learning Center. The Centre offers a new approach to parenting, pioneering the idea of whole brain training in the UAE. Based in Knowledge Village, the center offers whole brain training using a right brain education approach, designed to maximize a child’s potential during this key period of development. Classes help children learn to focus, gain confidence and involve themselves in a learning process whilst enjoying a fun-filled and stimulating environment at the same time. Classes are available for children of six months to six years old as this is the critical period for development. Classes last 50 minutes each and run on a termly basis (in conjunction with the school term calendar). Cost per term is 1620 AED, based on one session a week, nine sessions a term.

♥ Played in front of the camera at the GlamBox Head Office. Promotional video for an old time family favorite brand. Surprise.

♥ This week we received a jar of gummy bears! The gummy vitamins kind of bears. If you worry that your children are missing out on some of the essential vitamins and nutrients that they need to be healthy check out YaYa Vitamins, the market leader in gummy vitamins. This range of Gelatin and Gluten-free ( also free from preservatives, artificial colours, gelatin, egg, milk, soy, peanuts and tree nuts) products has all the essential vitamins and nutrients that children, aged two and above, require to develop into healthy young adults. The vitamins are flavoured with real fruit juices and come in the form of chewable animal shaped gums. There are four types of YaYa Vitamins available: YaYa Multi, YaYa Vita-C, YaYa Omega 3 and YaYa Calcium. Priced from AED 59

♥ For a special playdate, I am trying the popcorn station, I came across on pinterest.

♥ Been trying some new pieces from H&M spring collection, lots of nice easy buy to update your summer wardrobe. Got inspired by this tussle tunic and metallic espadrille.

Happy weekend everyone.

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