Monday, February 17, 2014

The Pantry Gourmet Café

Today, I took my hubby out on a mid week lunch date. It was the occasion to try out the new soon to be launch menu from The Pantry. The gourmet café located in Al Wasl has been one of our weekend favorite since the opening. We were attracted by the convenient location, the outdoor terrace, the urban open loft aesthetic of the interior. In the early days, despite the sometime slow service and food being a bit inconsistent, we kept coming back! Now a year down the road, it all came together and it became a Dubai favorite.

Siting on the terrace under a large umbrella, enjoying the lovely weather we ordered our dishes. We shared the appetizer "Buffalo Mozzarella Salad", a lovely twist from the traditional salad. We both loved the sweet caramelized fruits addition. As a main course, hubby enjoyed "Lamb Chops", perfectly grilled served with warm lentil salad. At first the large portion and rustic look could have been dissuasive but the flavors and home cooking taste was a real treat. My selection of Bruschetta was simple and good. The crusty bread and fresh ingredient with a drizzles of a very tasty olive oil was just what I fancied, specially the Bocconcini, strawberry, figs combo.

With a full and very happy tummy, we ordered coffee. As desert we were presented with two items from the breakfast menu, as a taster to delight our sweet taste buds. It was impossible to finish the "Oat Bars" served with caramelized fruits and cream. Slightly heavy as a desert, it felt quite healthy, and definitely something I would considered for breakfast. The moist "French Toast" filled with Mascarpone cheese, drizzled with maple syrup and served with home made compote was also a perfect breakfast option for any sweet tooth.

Today everything was good! It's that simple. The new additions will be included in the original menu by the end of the month. I am sure it will add to the success of The Pantry and contribute to further establish them as a Dubai favorite.

The gourmet café is also a kid friendly venue with its outdoor seating, children menu option and coloring sheets.

Congratulation The Pantry on your first anniversary, celebrated this month and all your accomplishments. Visit for more details,

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