Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monkies shoes, playful creativity at your feet

Cool gift idea for cool kids in town… Monkies Shoes! You and the kids are gonna love drawing on those shoes. Get inspired, get ready to play and create your own design. Monkies, the company behind the fun idea allows kids imagination and personnel expression to flow.

How does it work? The glossy white retro high top sneakers come in a kit with a set of special markers and eraser/sponge. The shoes are like a white canvas to design your own artwork or get inspired by the little booklet provided. The beauty of the product is that you can erase and start again… If you let it dry out a bit, it will be waterproof and stay put until you give it a good soapy wash with the special eraser. Ready to start all over and to create endless design.

It's a brilliant idea, a good combination of creativity, fashion and playtime. Luella and I had a good play around this afternoon, and already looking forward to get creative before our park outing this weekend. She's gonna want to show off her personalized Monkies… Theme in mind "lollipop".

The Monkies shoes are available at www.melijoe.com.

Our work in progress…

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