Friday, February 21, 2014

Le Petit Palais… french twist to indoor play

Yesterday we dropped by Le Petit Palais indoor play for some fun. Situated in The Dubai Mall within the Galeries Lafayette, the "little french town" is a hidden gem for children. Perfectly located for a hour or two of shopping without your precious little ones.

The set up is very well done, children get to walk around the street of a little french town passing by the boulangerie (bread shop), supermarché (supermarket), the petrol station, salon de beauté (beauty saloon) and so on… I love role play for children, it's a great creative activity. Luella enjoyed visiting the little house with it's well equipped kitchen and dress up selection and of course the beauty saloon for hair and makeup session. The fun continue with arts and craft, karaoke and jungle gym… enough to keep little ones entertain for hours.

The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The place is clean and well maintained. Luella settled in quickly and gave me a kiss good bye before I headed out for 20min to look around Lafayette Gourmet, the french grocery outlet located just near by. Le Petit Palais children’s play area, provides a convenient drop-off for parents while shopping or dining. Of course, you can also spend the time with your children, the soft play area is perfect for the younger ones.

Le Petit Palais is bit of a luxury indoor play area. Might be pricey for one hour AED80 but totally worth it for two hour AED100. Membership plan is also available.
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