Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Animal Sanctuary and Petting farm

Beautiful morning at The Animal Sanctuary and Petting farm yesterday. I have already done a blog post on this little gem a while back at the beginning of my blogging adventure. But I believe it deserve another one...

This non profit organization set up with passion, dedication and hard work by animal lovers has expended and improved since it's opening in 2009. The sanctuary is a fantastic place for children to learn in a fun and educational way about the animals. Luella and her friends got to feed, touch or hold various animals whilst learning facts about each one and how to care for the animals correctly. We got to see Porcupine, Cockatoo, Ponies, Deer, Llamas, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Kinkajou, Ferrets, Goats, Cows,Baboon, Ducks and many more...

The sanctuary offers a great experience for the children but first of all it's a refuge for the animals. Most all the animals are donated, unwanted or rescued animals. I am sure, if they could talk they would have stories to tell and some not so happy tale. Thanks to the team of volunteers and animal lovers they now have a home.

Alongside The Animal Sanctuary and Petting farm there is Posh Paws Kennels and Cattery where our dog Hugo spend his summer while we travel back for the holidays. Luella was happy to kind of see Hugo's "summer camp" and meet the lovely people who takes care of him...

It's a great family friendly place to visit on the weekend and something to consider for kids birthday parties. The center relies on donations and volunteers, so please feel free to bring food for the animals, or be a volunteer for jumble sales, school visits, ... There is no charge, but a small donation box sits on the table, the money donated helps to pay for food, medical bills and equipment. All the help to keep up with the good work is greatly appreciated.


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