Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Style for kids... H&M and Isabel Marant

The big buzz about Isabel Marrant collection for H&M is rising as we get closer to the date. I might not be fighting my way into H&M on Thursday morning to get a piece of the hot collection, but I will definitely get down at a quitter time to get some of the cool items from the kids line.

The focus on women swear might distract the fans from the children clothing line. The collection features signature Isabel Marant styling in a fun and youthful way with tie-dye high-tops, slogan sweatshirts and shearling denim jackets. I like her designs for the mix of sequins, knits, silk, and put together with her trademark Parisian flair.

Luella might not be a total fan, she is in the pink and glitter phase of a nearly 5 years old, but as a "mini me look" I might be able to convince her of a few items...

Happy non stress shopping! 

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