Monday, November 11, 2013

Diner: Spaghetti nests

This afternoon Luella wanted to prepare diner with me... That's nice but what should we make, I asked her? With an answer like "surprise me, maman", I had to think a minute. I remembered seeing somewhere (sorry can not give credits) a baked pasta recipe in shape of little bird nests. My little chef was thrilled with the idea... it turned out to be easy and good.

What you will need:
A large muffin tin tray lightly oiled
Tomato sauce (home made or from a jar, we took the easy road)
Whole wheat Spaghetti
Organic eggs
Basil leaves

How to:
Heat up the oven 180/200C
Cook the pasta as per package, cool down under cold water and drain
Create little nest with the pasta into each muffin hole
Add a full spoon of tomato sauce
Then crack an egg on top of each
Wrap around some more spaghetti around the egg yolks and giggle around to allow the egg white to seep through the spaghetti.
Bake for 20min or less until the egg white is set and yolk slightly runny.
Serve with a little basil
Bon appétit!


  1. oh my God! this is awesome and simple...i am so trying this! thanks x

  2. Oww wow! What an interesting idea of backing spaghetti. I have to try that for breakfast one day. Thanks for sharing.