Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beauty tips for your tress... what's your secret...

The subject of beautiful hair comes in the conversation "oh so often"... Women seems to always be looking for the best hairdresser, miracle product, secret tip or last celebrity style.

Here's a one stop for all your hair (and all beauty stuff) tips and questions answers, with lots of inspiring hair style:

Wanna know my little tips...
♥ pure organic coconut oil mask to keep your strong and healthy - see blog post. Good to wear at the beach, it will not only keep knots at bay, it will protect your tresses and stop the salt from drying hair out.

♥ I use Pantene Clinicare, it really give my hair some TLC. I like to use it for a couple of months and take a break from it.

♥ For texture and to extend your blow dry by a day, I like batiste dry shampoo available at Boots pharmacy.

♥ Tips for your ponytail... use two elastics to hold the pony in place, one stacked on top of the next to make the pony stick out further for extra bounciness. Or create the illusion of a longer and fuller pony tail with this trick.

Your turn! Tell us about your little tricks and favourite products... comment below! :)

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