Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beauty & Golf Tour 2013 - sport and sparkles

The Beauty & Golf Tour 2013 event held at the Els Golf Club last night is a great initiative to mix and promote golf tourism and fashion. This year event developed in partnership with former Miss World Tatania Kucharova and her Beauty Help Foundation raised money to improve life condition in Czech Republic.

A full day event from brunch, to golf tournament, fashion shows, fancy cars and gala diner was a total success, pleasing gentlemen to fashionistas.

The highlight of the evening was to meet the lovely Ophelia Blaimer. The German beauty from Munich showcased her collection in front of a very enthusiastic crowd last night. Her style is inspired by Bavarian traditional wear with a modern feminine extravagant elegance. I was amazed by the mix of exquisite fabric like French brocade, silk, taffeta and organza with tulle, pearls, old ornaments, sequins and ribbon, all working together uniquely to create a one of a kind piece. 

The accessory line consisting of bracelets, necklaces and belts is totally over the top in a fantastic glamorous manner. A mix of vintage, pompous, decadent and elegant design. Loved the necklace for a day look with jeans to a night out on the red carpet. Ophelia's collection is versatile, unique and really beautiful. 

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