Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mothercare surprise us!

After a Mothercare Media event yesterday, I am happy to say that Mothercare is stepping up a node! Something is happening in the style and marketing department within the brand. I was surprise to find more then the basic and classic items they usually offer. Some style and boldness came through in some really cool pieces.

The Baby K collection got inspiration in the world of retro to rock with a great use of colors like luxurious tones of gold, with a dash of vivid winter pink and cobalt blue for girls, and a mix of classic navy and bordeaux with a bright burst of autumn orange for the boys. Playful, practical and stylish! BabyK is a hit, creating an affordable and cool collection for kids.

Another surprise was the collaboration between two leading iconic British brands to create one amazing pram: The the Silver Cross Surf – Aston Martin Edition. Beautifully designed, the exclusive baby travel system is now available only at Mothercare. With Aston Martin detailing and Silver Cross design and experience, the award winning Silver Cross Surf has reached new heights. The Aston Martin marque features throughout this exquisite pram from the striking wheels through to the Alcantara lined seat pad to the super soft Italian leather trimmed handle and bumper bar. The Silver Cross air-ride suspension guarantees a smooth ride on all terrains and the multi-position handlebar ensures comfortable pushing for everyone. Only 800 of the model worldwide each with its own certificate of authenticity and an engraved brushed chrome plaque confirming that each pram is one of a kind. Feeling the love?! Yes its quite unique, stunning and so british! Love it.

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