Friday, October 11, 2013

Launch Event Roberto Cavalli Junior

Mr Roberto Cavalli was in town for launch event of the ‘Roberto Cavalli Junior’ 
boutique in Dubai Mall. 

The well designed space represents the Roberto Cavalli Junior brand concept beautifully, 
using some decorative elements, which characterize the ‘Roberto Cavalli Junior’ brand. Loved the excessive use of leopard-print with some mother-of-pearl ivory finishings, 
shiny brass details and Swarovski crystals heart-shaped wall decor. 
Flamboyant, fun and glamourous, ... oh so Cavalli! Nothing to be disappointed with! 

Some really beautiful little girls outfits using floral patterns and animal prints in true Cavalli spirit.
Check out the collection here.


  1. wow little cutiee designs. I'm very much impressed with your site. I really love your fashion trends and ideas too.