Sunday, October 27, 2013

Glipmse into you: meet our readers

About you...
Where are you originally from?
I’m half Iranian and half Sudanese and was born in San Francisco
and raised in Vancouver!

How long have you lived in Dubai?
I’ve lived in Dubai for 6 years and have loved every minute of it!

You are a very busy and successful entrepreneur, tell us a little about 
your businesses, fishfayce and 
fishyfayce was the first concept of its kind to launch in the region in 2010. The fishfayce 
digital photobooth is essentially a capsule that houses gadgets, gizmos, and software that 
enable those who interact with it to spontaneously and repetitively photograph themselves 
and others, on the fly. Guests step in front of fishfayce, frame their shot and click 
the remote. The pictures are stored digitally, and can be instantly projected on to any 
large surface. They can also be instantly printed as take-away mementos. 
Aside from the photo booth concept, we also offer; event photography and videography, 
fishfayce video booth, fishfayce animation; helping clients to customise their own videos, 
and fishfayce rovers; fishfaycers’ talented rovers blend into the crowd, taking great 
branded shots guests which can then be printed on the spot. In addition to this, fishfayce 
lite is a lighter version of the fishfayce photo booth; it offers clients an assortment of 
new filtering options, images and all at an affordable price, ideal for more intimate events 
and is perfect for kid’s birthday parities and celebrations. Finally fishfayce fishtogram, 
is a new and unique service that takes your one-of-a-kind instagram photos and prints 
them in the flesh and on the spot. 

As well as founding fishfayce, I am also co-founder of the online party shop
which I set up with my sister Zahra at the beginning of this year. Moushii is a one-stop-shop 
for all party necessities, to help people to celebrate life’s occasions. My sister and I came 
together to focus on offering individual customers and party/event planners unique party 
pieces that help to give every celebration a beautiful look and feel. Moushii provides 
consumers and planners with everything from all-inclusive party packs available to 
purchase off-the-rack, do-it-yourself party supplies and printables, right through to 
couture themes and personalised designs. 

Any business tips, advices or words of wisdom for aspiring woman 
entrepreneur out there?
Don’t stop being passionate about what you do. When your passionate about what you do, 
you’re on top of things, you’re programmed towards achievement. It’s incentive. When you 
see results, you work harder. Also there is plenty of support out there for start-ups you just 
have to search for it. I always try to stay as focused and organised as I can and really believe 
in work life balance  - “ don’t forget to step back and spend time with friends, family or 
even yourself - “ it helps to have balance.

About living in Dubai...
What inspire you in/ about Dubai?
Dubai and the UAE have played such a pivotal role in the success of fishfyace and now 
moushii too. What’s so great about living in Dubai is that you get to meet so many interesting, passionate and determined individuals and entrepreneurs that are in the same boat as you - 
“ facing the same challenges and enjoying working for themselves, and for something 
that they truly believe in.

Favorite thing to do in Dubai with the family?
Kite beach at the weekends when the weather is nice. Other than that I’m a huge fan 
of dinner parties at home or with friends. In fact at Moushii we are just in the process 
of launching a brand new ‘Come Dine with Me’ inspired dinner party pack for adults, 
so I can’t wait to try that out with friends, and get a little competitive in the kitchen! 

Do you have a Dubai secret to share with us?
Ostadi Iranian restaurant in Bur Dubai - “ they serve the best kebabs and delicious 
Iranian food.

Where would you go on a weekend getaway?
I’ve never been to Zighy Bay Resort but have heard great things from friends. 
That’s top of my list along with the Banyan Tree, Ras Al Khaimah. 

A little extra... 
Things you can't live without?
My husband and family for sure. They have all been extremely supportive over 
the years and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without them. 

Do you have a beauty secret to share with us?
Not really a secret but I do have my favourite cult beauty products, which I always 
relay on to look fresh, these include; Chanel Foundation, cream blush, lip gloss 
and eye shadow. I’m also a big fan of YSL Touché Éclat, Diorshow Blackout
Mascara, Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturiser and Elizabeth Arden Beauty Flash Balm. 

How do you keep in shape, what's your healthy secret?
Physique 57 that is a barre based workout with intervals . They are based in Citywalk
in Jumeirah at the moment. I’ve been going there for several months now and can really 
feel the difference.

Do you have a life motto?
This quote says it perfectly. We are always focused on what won’t work and our fears 
that we forget about the positives. “Forget about all the reasons why something may
not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will."~ Dr. Robert Anthony 

Also, do what you love and do it well.

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